Key Dates

Draft Night - Monday March 19, 2018
Money Due - Sunday April 15, 2018
Midseason Draft - Monday May 21 or Tuesday May 22, 2018



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IS anyone not glad to see the back of that round?  Not only did 6 of the more popular teams have the bye, plenty of others were out, or underperforming, scoring was down in the AFL so forwards were useless ad we had not a single team manage 200…..  Bucking the trend, Tom Mitchell again got 40, Ryder and Sandilands topped the rucks with 41, Jack Graham had 13 tackles and a handful of forwards kicked 3….

This made for another week of upsets in Div 1 with the top 4 all getting beat and all 5 games being won by the lower side on the ladder… Raph took advantage of Loaf not only having few players to pick from, but also picking those he did have in the wrong spots, to cruise to a 20 point win that was comfier than it looked…  Kingy was even more impressive topping the scorers for the division with 180 in upsetting Uchitha… Janith isn’t the same without Max Gawn, going down to Simon by 10 goals whilst Benny upset Syd in a close one by a goal… Finally, Mat saw off Gavin in what was a must win if he is to have any chance of staying in Div 1…

Similar tail in Div 2 where the top 2 went down.. .Nicko replaced Max Gawn with Jack Silvagni in the ruck, not quite the same and left the door open for Steesh to scrape home by 21 points… 2nd ranked Juzzy couldn’t take advantage of Nicko’s slip though, having only 10 players to pick from, he was never in the hunt against Michael whose recent form continued with another strong result…  Other games saw Ben inflict another defeat on Dave, Tuddy get his 2nd win at McRob’s expense and Adam go through untroubled against Richo, notching a division high 181 in the process.

Div 3 and Des topped the scorers with 195 in a comfortable win over Nick B… Sash got over his Thai distractions to easily see off Red and take his top spot in the process… Mitch returned to the winners list with a strong 180 to knock off Dean whilst Frank also managed 180 to ease past Andrew.  The final game however provided the excitement with Skeeta and Parma, both still in the hunt for a top 3 finish and double chance playing out a thriller… Parma entered Sunday with a few points lead and Mitch Duncan to come, Skeeta had two tigers forwards to try and overhaul.. Duncan only got 22, Skeeta got 2.1 each from his 2 forwards, but it wasn’t quite enough, one point short in fact and a crucial win to Parma !

In Div 4, the resurgent Beamer and Piglet played the close one… Again, Riewoldt and Duncan were central on Sunday and again, Duncan’s 22 proved enough, this time for Beamer to win by a goal… If Piglet had checked the teams on Friday I’m pretty sure he would’ve won though -playing one short certainly didn’t help.. Elsewhere Blues surged to the top with a big win over Clayton, Damo relinquishing the spot courtesy of an upset defeat to Huntsman.. Willy jumped back into the 5 with a big win over Patrick (who forgot about the bye and named Coniglio Sidebottom Goddard and Pendlebury on their week off) whilst DK continued his good recent burst of form with a comfortable win over Cabbage.

The eliminator took out a couple of the Div 1 premiership favourites with Loaf (111) and Janith (112) both having shockers.  Whilst the bye didn’t help, if Jagger had 13 tackles from Graham, or Loaf had 38 touches from Cripps they’d both have survived….

In the tipping comp Des was the big mover.  With the top 7 all on Stk or GC and scoring 2 or -2 (barely relevant) it was Des who took the Dockers and scored 57 points to climb the table to 2nd.. Jagger held on at the top, 24 clear of Des with Raph and Juzzy close behind.

League in order see UChtiha and Sash level in front, with Raph a little back in 3rd… Cant see the ladder changing enough to bring others into it at this stage…  Uchitha probably really leads at moment as Sash has Richmond top, which they are, but probably won't be after next week’s bye…

That’s it for this week – note we have another Thursday start next week – WCE v Essendon – changes allowed Friday so long as you don’t play and Eagle or Bomber on your bench… Good luck, hope you all (Except maybe my opponent) field a full team !


I’m going to guess a weekly review that is closer to the next round than the one it’s reviewing isn’t of much interest to anyone so I’ll keep it very brief….  Jarrod Witts was the star of the week with 64 hit outs, Tom McDonald and Jeremy Cameron both kicked 6, Josh Kelly had 40 touches whilst Ollie Wines’ 12 tackles was the weekly high…

In D1, every games was a decided by more than 50 points… Ladder leader Loaf smashed Kingy, Simon was untroubled against Raph, Uchitha also topped 200 in smacking Gavin, Benny took advantage of a bad week for Jagger whilst Mat defied his ladder position to upset Syd… not such an upset when looking at Syd’s outs…

Not quite as bad as the top flight but no close ones in D2 either – star of the week Michael notched 224 to thrash Steesh – Juzzy luck did for Tuddy’s recent revival for an easy win, Ben saw off McRob, Nicko scraped past Adam in the “Close” one by 15 points whilst Richo was almost as impressive as his beloved Magpies in smashing Davo.

D3 and the theme continues…Upsets and thrashings.   Dean managed both, taking advantage of Sash being distracted in Thailand to thrash him by more than 10 goals.  Nick also managed a big win as they both look to escape the bottom 2 – Parma Nick’s victim.  Andrew added to Des’ recent slump with a comfy win, Witts got Frank over the line against Mitch whilst Skeeta cruised past Red… 4 of the 5 games going to the lower ranked team – bye weeks have so much to answer for.

Div 4 provided the narrowest margin of the week with Damo, ladder leader and one time flag favourite scraping past Patrick (who named 8 of his 17 player squad for the round despite them being out this week) by only 10 points… Weird game this.  DK took advantage of a weakened Huntsman to smash him, Beamer continued his impressive resurgence since he started picking his good players in the seniors with a 216 to dispatch Cabbage, Blues went even higher with 226 (what byes) to knock off Willy, whilst finally Clayton was an easy winner against Piglet.

The eliminator victims were Red (121) and Parma (115).  Sadly neither seemed too badly impacted by the bye so just bad weeks…

The tipping comp through up plenty of action.  GWS winning by 108 was good news for 5 tipsters, Ben R the most relevant of them as he jumped to 5th.  Sydney’s 71 point win almost as pleasing for another 6 people, Juzzy the highest ranked as he moved to 2nd.  The top 7 going in were all on Essendon or Brisbane and Jagger maintained his lead by being on the Bombers… He is 30 ahead of Juz at the top… 

No major changes in the League in order – Uchitha (58) still just in front of Sash (60) with Raph in 3rd on 64… Distance to the rest with 12 of us on 70 or 72….

Note next week (this week by the time of writing) Starts with a Thursday night game (as if bye rounds weren’t bad enough)… Don’t pick a Port or Dogs player on your bench if you want to change your team on Thursday night or Friday !!  Otherwise only Port and Dogs players will be locked in….  Good luck !!!


So round 11 is done, the final round of normality for a while as we head in to the dreaded bye period where luck often plays a big part in results… even the most meticulously prepared studier of bye schedules, comes undone if they have spread their byes but their opposition has none each week… So before I depress myself and anyone that reads this weekly dribble, what was this week’s good news…  Dees duo Brayshaw and Oliver topped the mids with 39 and 38 respectively, plenty of bags from the forwards with JJ Kennedy, Hoskin Elliott and Membrey all kicking 6, Big Max topped the rucks again with 57 whilst in a low tackling round Zorko Gibbs D.Lloyd and Taranto each got 9…

In Div 1 this all meant a change at the top with Loaf overcoming Simon in a tough battle to take pole… This was only possible as ladder leader Syd had a massive slip up.. With Sandilands out, the rest of his team also took the week off and he was smashed by Uchitha..  Cheets did manage 219 of his own (on back of 230 last week) so was well deserving of the 4 points.  Janith also went with back to back 200+ scores thanks to 11 goals from Membrey and Hogan to dispose of Mat whilst other games saw Kingy keep his chances of avoiding relegation alive with a crucial win over Gavin.  Had he lost he’d be 3 games adrift but now he is within 1.  Finally ,Raph saw off Benny in a big game for 5th spot – neither team performed but that won’t worry Raph as he not only cements his spot in the 5, he opens a gap on Ben and the chasers.

To div 2 where there were plenty of interesting games but none more so that Steesh v Tuddy… Tuddy had scored over 200 and lost the last two weeks so was looking for some luck… He managed 187 and Steesh needed 2.2 from Betts to get him – sadly for Tuddy that is exactly what Eddie kicked so it was Steesh by a point… Tuddy meanwhile has 610 points in 3 weeks for 3 losses…. At the top Nicko rode the Gawn 57 to see off Richo, whilst Juzzy did what he does, scored ok (184) but kept his opponent to a well below par score to collect the points…. Elsewhere Michael was impressive with 210 to jump into the 5 with a solid win over Adam, whilst Grundy did enough for McRob to see off Davo in a tight one.

Some strange occurrences in Div 3.. At the top Red and Sash both got the points again and have cleared out by 3 games on the chasing pack… Red was made to work for it by Nick but scraped home by 3 points, thanks mostly to big Max and his 57 hit outs.. Sash was more impressive notching 207 to beat an unlucky Frank who managed 199 of his own.. Frank also lost Zaharakis in first couple of minutes so basically played one short so did well to get so close..   Andrew P came from the clouds to get a crucial win over Mitch.  Seemingly gone, he then got 6 goals from Will Hoskin-Elliott to turn things around and steal the points… wouldn’t want to rely on that happening again though… Parma smashed Des who had a real shocker by 10 goals whilst Skeeta did enough to see off Dean despite his much vaunted forward line backfiring.

The big story in D4 was the 1v2 clash between Damo and Blues… Damo seemed hard to beat earlier in the year but injuries can stop most sides and he suddenly seems vulnerable.. Blues took full advantage this week and with Kennedy kicking 6 and Witts’ 47 almost nullifying Gawn, he cruised home in the end….  Equally impressive was Willy who after a slow start to his 1st season is now pushing up hard… He managed 230 this week to thrash Clayton and move to 4th.  Cabbage suffered an upset defeat at the hands of Piglet who got 6 goals from Tim Membrey which stopped him from joining the top 2 on 8 wins, whilst the other games saw DK get the points against Patrick with little stress and Beamer return to the winners list at Huntsman’s expense.. Could he mount a late challenge that has him regretting some of those odd selections in the early rounds – if not, he could certainly cause some damage on the run home.

To the side comps and I’ll start with the eliminator which after a steady climb in the scores in recent weeks, plummeted back to early season levels… Des with 115 and Ben D with 127 both dropped out whilst Syd’s 138 must be feeling very lucky to stay alive…

Speaking of staying alive with 138, we’ll move to the cup where the round of 16 produced some good games but also 1 shocker where Syd 138 def Ben 127… HE goes through to the quarters !!  This might upset the likes of Nicko (196) and Frank (199) who both got knocked out.  Nicko upset by Blues, whilst Frank ran into Sash in the league and the cup and went down 207-199 in both… Others through include Red, Adam, Cabbage and Skeeta who got home with average scores, as well as Michael who’s 210 was much more deserving..  The quarter finals will play in round 16 once the byes are out of the way.

The tipping comp promised big scores this week with some lopsided fixtures and mostly delivered.  Those on Collingwood (61), Nth MElb (54), Richmond (71) were certainly satisfied, whilst those who took the Swans v Blues probably feel 30 was below par… Certainly the 14 tipsters who thought WCE would smash the saints at home are not happy… 48 up at 3QT and ready to pile on the percentage the eagles fell asleep and scraped home by 13.  This meant Janith (Rich) moved top with a narrow lead over Frank (Coll) Raph (Nth) and Huntsman (WCE)… Bye weeks could make it difficult with not many options left to pick from.. Our leader for example still needs to pick Brisbane, Suns, Saints & Dogs in the next 7 rounds…  Are the chasing pack any better off or is there someone out there with only top sides left to choose about to make a surge…

Finally, league in order changed leaders again this week.  Uchitha took over top spot from Sash with Raph still battling on in 3rd after leading for first 8 or 9 weeks… Seems ladder has settled down a fair bit now with minimal changes this week – so perhaps these leaders will be the contenders come round 23…

Don’t forget during the bye weeks this year we voted to pick full teams… IF you don’t have enough players, leave gaps in your reserves !!!  Must pick a full senior team  (unless you don’t have 9 players of course).


Evening all and welcome to round 10 round up… Another high scoring week with a average of 180 but more impressive 11 over 200 and 8 with 219 or more… In fact two poor soles kicked 220 and got beat but more on them later.  On field, it was Stefan Martin’s 58 hit outs that led the way, Devon Smith’s 13 tackles weren’t far behind.  In the mids it was Treloar with 40 that topped the charts whilst up forward some lesser lights in Josh Caddy and Jade Gresham kicked 6 each…

To Div 1 first and it is weeks like this I wish someone else wrote the newsletter…. After 236 last week, my mob upped their game to 244 – now I could tell you all how great that is but I’m more humble than that, so will just note that is 6 in a row with Gav this week’s unlucky opponent… The Wijesekara derby was a thriller and a possible grand final preview if my preseason column is to be believed… Uchitha “batted first” and posted 230 after most of his team played for Collingwood Friday night… Then, much like when Australia chased down 434 in South Africa, Wij Snr got the runs, ending with  235 with Fyfe needing 27 in the late game to take the points and getting them.  Other games were much less impressive but still worth 4 points – Syd dispatched Kingy to stay clear on top, Simon knocked off Benny by a goal with Bellchambers and Zorko getting most of his score, whilst Raph managed a horribly undeserved win with 136 – must make Uchitha happy – seeing off Mat by 7 points.

In Div 2, Nicko returned to form with a big 224 game to smash Davo, but the most impressive match was between two teams outside of the 5 in Adam and Tuddy.  Tuddy managed 220, no mean feat for someone who is 1-8 going in, but it turned out not to be enough as Adam notched 234 to take the points… Tuddy has now scored 423 points in a fortnight and lost both games – any justice in the world and he’d have wo 3 straight and be back in with a chance of the 5.  Elsewhere Steesh’s 213 was plenty to see off Ben, Richo’s 178 similarly untroubled by Michael who suffered some early bye-stress and finally, Juzzy took the points  against McRob in a tough slog.

Similar stories in Div 3 where there was again a ladder leader, Red this time, who scored over 200 and won comfortably – Parma his hapless victim this week, whilst another game provided the real highlights… This time it was Sash v Andrew that entertained, Sash eventually winning 231-208 thanks to caddy and Devon Smith’s big efforts.  Worth noting Andrew’s points for and against.  He is averaging 180+ but sits 8th – harsh – whilst his average against is 190.. What’s the opposite of Juzzy luck?  Meanwhile, Frank topped 200 in smashing Skeeta in a crucial game for ladder positions 3 to 8, whilst the final 2 games were both “grudge matches” of sorts between mates… Dean saw off Nick in what they deemed the battle for the spoon, whilst Mitch upset Des by a solitary point in a result likely to have cost at least a slab, and no shortage of “banter”…

Div 4 seemed to miss the boat this week on the big scores with a more even spread of the points than some above… At the top Damo overcame an ever growing injury list (although he got no additional sympathy when he included Lindsay Thomas on his list of missing) to easily beat Clayton, and that coupled with Blues going down to DK leaves him clear on top.. Blues forward line had him well in front but Smith’s 13-3 tackle advantage saw DK stay in touch with the top 5…  Beamer returned to something surrounding a merit based selection process and was immediately rewarded with a win over Patrick who despite the loss deserves credit for the inspired move of Jaeger O’Meara to the forward line.. Must have some inside mail as after 6  goals in 14 previous games for the Hawks, Jaeger snagged 3… Other games saw Cabbage just get over Huntsman in the match of the round 198-189, Caddy’s bag the key whilst Willy was untroubled by Piglet, winning by 8 goals..

Eliminator victims were Piglet with 141 and Michael with 110 – Michael did lose his ruck, tackler and Robbie Gray to the bye, so after 4 straight 190+ scores he was stiff… Piglet less so.  Clayton with 146 was lucky, byes aside, cant imagine too many more surviving with scores under 150.

In the tipping there was minimal movement with Geelong and Richmond both very popular and both winning by 28 – Swans also won by 18 and Collingwood by 35 so between them 37 people scored roughly the same…  Nicko (GWS) and Beamer (Freo) not so lucky.  This leaves Huntsman still top, 24 pts clear of Jagger.  Don’t forget to plan ahead around by time – would hate to have no eligible selections by round 13 or 14….

More change at top of the league in order with Uchitha joining Sash at top with 60 each.  Raph and Mat not far behind… Will the Roos and Eagles ever fall… Will the Giants come good?  Between them they seem to make up for most of people’s scores….

The knockout cup resumes next week with the round of 16.  Most interesting match ups pits Syd and  BenD against one another– the reigning D1 champ vs current D1 leader…  As usual don’t forget ot send teams to the additional opponent this week.

Finally, excellent work by all who participated in the midseason draft on Monday – thanks for your patience with getting the plan implemented – no doubt this is the way of all future midseason drafts….

Til next week, when I’m hopefully reporting on my boys again knocking over their own season high score for the 3rd week straight 😊


A quick update this week as I have some work to do around the midseason draft tomorrow night. Another week of high scores with the average up again to a season high 183 – mainly on back of some big bags from the forwards…..  Darling and DeGoey led the way with 6 each whilst a dozen others kicked at least 4.  Tom Mitchell was back after a couplke of quiet weeks to top the mids with 46, Sam Jabobs’ 54 was unchallenged as best ruck, whilst Macrae (13 but not used) led Zorko and Shiel (12 each) to top the tackles.

In D1 match of the round saw Benny and Loaf clash, both on 4 game winning streaks.  Both  forward lines fired with Junktime Jack’s late surge almost getting Benny the chocolates but it wasn’t quite enough, Loaf by 2 points to make it 5 straight.  3 double tons in the div led by top side Syd with 219 – not a bad score given his forwards did nothing (Waite in the 2s?) and he smashed Gavin by 14 goals.. Mat got his first win of the year with 213 seeing off unlucky Simon ,Lloyd and Ryder the keys, whilst Raph also topped 200, notching 210 to upset Uchitha.  The final match saw Jagger get the job done against Kingy whose torrid season continues.

In D2 Nicko put last weeks upset loss down to Gawn and Mitchell not starring – well this week they both returned to top form and he lost again… Michael was the giant killer this time managing a 190-181 loss that seemed unlikely until Junktime kicked 3 second half goals.  Richo was impressive with 213 to just get the points against Tuddy whose resurgence continued with 203 of his own but it wasn’t enough.  Elsewhere Ben R pipped Adam in a high scoring thriller, Juzzy was untroubled by Davo and Steesh got the points against McRob without too much stress.

D3 and the big story was whether ladder leader Red could end his recent losing streak. Des didn’t make it easy with 194 but the top side got it done, Ben Brown the difference as he managed 201 to win by 7 points.  Skleeta and Andrew played a high scoring thriller that Skeeta won 220-197 in a massive come from behind win that needed most of Darling and Riewoldt’s 11 goals in the late game… Nick B saw off Frank for a comfy win, Sash did likewise against Mitch and Parma would’ve had a comfortable weekend too given Jacbos and Macrae has him 90-0 up againt Dean on Friday night…

To Div 4 and the star of the weekend… Huntsman entered the weekend averaging 163 and without a 200+ score to his name but that all changed when he took on Piglet.  247 points on the back of big games from Mitchell Lloyd Greenwood Darling and Cripps sees him odds on to take the “top score” award ad saw Piglet smashed by 13 goals despite not going that badly himself… In other results, Damo topped 200 in seeing off Willy, Clayton was impressive with 216 to thrash DK, Blues was untroubled by Beamer’s 2nds and Cabbage took the points against Patrick.

SideComps, the tipping comp was interesting this week.  The 11 who took Melbourne can rejoice at 109 points, those who took Hawthorn or Geelogn less so with big defeats knocking them down the leaderboard…  At the top it is now Huntsman who had MElborne obviously.  He leads from Jagger and Frank T – Frank deserving a mention for going 9 weeks undefeated.  Things will no doubt get tougher in coming weeks for those who have tipped all the top sides already…

Eliminator victims were Davo and Mitch with 155 & 153.  Next lowest was 168 so this one looks like it might be getting harder too.

League in Order finally saw a change of leader with Sash overtaking Raph who lead since round 1.  Mat joined Raph in equal 2nd also. 

Finally, knockout cup is not being played next week due to Port/Suns byes.  It will resume in round 11 instead.

I’ll send an email re midseason draft later tonight (and post it on website and facebook).   Hopefully all who wish to attend, can…


Round 8 complete and it provided us with our highest scoring round of the season -with the average up to 176.  Leading the charge on field were Devon Smith with 15 tackles, Tom bellchambers with 55 hit outs, Jack Macrae with 47 possessions and ignoring the undrafted Ronke, Robbie Gray with 6 goals… At the other end of the scale the late withdrawals of Scott Selwood and Pendlebury bit a few people…

To Div 1 where your resident columnist is pleased to report a great victory in a high scoring encounter with the luckless Syd.  Led by Martin and Oliver, Loaf’s 236 was plenty despite Syd getting 207 of his own – a score that would’ve beat any other side in the division with 20 points to spare… Syd going down opened the door for Uchitha to go back on top and Wij Jnr didn’t disappoint, scraping home against Simon in a thriller by 4 points, despite being 10 goals down going into the late game with 2 players v 1.  Other games saw Benny win his 4th straight, condemning Mat to a 0-8 start, Kingy keeping his season alive with a Curnow inspired 8 point win over Raph (Who again named Parfitt despite last week’s discussion) and Janith make it a double for team-Wij, despite some selection disasters, with a solid win over Gavin.

Upset of the year in D2.  Nicko’s unbeaten start to the year came to a sudden end at the hands of the most unlikely of opponents, the previously 0-7 Tuddy… 7 players scoring 4 goals or better in a true team performance from the bottom side… Steesh failed to make any inroads into Nicko’s ladder leadership though, the latest victim of Juzzyluck as his team scored only 151, well down on their season average… Bellchambers’ 55 was all Juz needed to cause the upset and move to 3rd.  The chasing pack are all very tight with teams going up and down 4 spots every week at the moment – this weeks movers were Adam who was untroubled by McRob in a low scorer, Ben R whose Macrae-led 209 smashed Richo and locked themselves together at 4-4, and Michael whose 10 goal forward line ensured he took the points against Davo.

Some interesting clashes in D3 this week too with the bottom 2 winning and the top side going down. We’ll start at the top where a fortnight ago Red looked unbeatable.  Not so now after 2 straight losses, this week going down to bottom side Dean… Dean got big games from unlikely heroes Tom McDonald and Mitch Robinson to cause the upset, whilst Red would’ve thought he was home needing 3 tackles from Scott Selwood, only to see him withdraw, turn to the bench and find the exact opposite of a tackler in Jake Stringer – ouch… Sash and Des are both up top on the ladder and played in a topsy turvy game, Sash eventually winning due to Devon Smith’s 15 tackles.  Skeeta topped the scorers with 207 to beat Mitch, Parma got the job done against last week’s giant killer Frank, whilst Nick did enough to get the points against Andrew thanks mainly to an 8-2 tackle win.

To Div 4 where things remain very tight… Damo reclaimed his top spot with a solid win over Piglet who really needs to start checking the teams before submitting his side… The match of the round saw Blues lose his top spot in a high scoring clash against Cabbage…. Curnow’s 13 gave Blues and early lead that Martin’s 49 neutralised but in the end it was Cabbage’s 9 goal forward line that got him home – Caddy the key.  Elsewhere Willy smashed a huge 234 to thrash DK and amazingly his 2nds kicked 217 as well..  Confidence and depth high for Willy as he cements his spot in the 5 after a slow start.  Clayton had the bye this week with the reserve stacked Beamer not putting up much fight, a 50 point win for Clayton moving him to 3rd  (Beamer’s 2nds did kick 237 – which is the highest score of the year, and had he picked his 1sts on merit, he would probably have won $50 for high score – moral of the story, reserves stacking doesn’t pay).  In the final game Huntsman was lead by Hugh Greenwood as he amassed 196 to easily beat Patrick.

Eliminator victims this week were McRob (135) and Andrew P (157) as the bar started to rise at last… Interestingly for McRob his 2nds got 160 so would’ve survived, perhaps some work to be done at the selection table…

League In order leader is still Raph but Sash is right on his tail now, just 2 points behind.  Huntsman, McRob and Uchitha round out the top 5 well within striking distance…

The tipping comp was mostly a successful week with Adam, Des and Ben R the happiest following Melbourne’s 69 point win.  21 tipsters took Freo and banked a solid 30 points.  Less impressed would be Patrick who had the Suns, Loaf who would’ve expected more from Richmond and the 9 tipsters who had Essendon….

Finally re side comps, I had the next round of the knockout cup down for round 10-  this was an error as would clash with the Suns/Power bye.  Cup rounds are always scheduled to avoid byes (and also avoid Monday / Wednesday games, etc).  I have therefore pushed it back to round 11.  Hope this is fine by all.

Before I go, draft details will come around by separate email tomorrow.  Might differ from division to division depending on technology – just need to speak to  a couple more people before finalising. 


Round 7 produced plenty more excitement this weekend, with no less than 13 of our 20 senior matches decided by 20 points or less.  The top players were Jarrad Witts with 58 hitouts, Ed Curnow with 14 tackles, Jack Macrae with 40 touches and Mitch McGovern and Jordan DeGoey with 5 goals each.  Selection blunders were frequent too leaving plenty a fantasy coach with nobody to blame than themselves this week…

In Div 1, all 5 games were decided by 19 points or less with 4 by under 2 goals and all teams scoring between 162 and 197.. IF that’s not equalisation working, then having 5 teams on 4-3 on the ladder is further proof.. The top scorer this week and now top of the ladder was Syd whose 197 was enough to edge Janith by 7 points.  Gawn “only” getting 34 for Janith and losing his battle with Sandilands (48 for Syd) was crucial…  Loaf managed 194 and can thank McGovern and Witts for keeping Mat’s losing streak going whilst Simon also got 194 in beating Kingy despite Curnow almost single handedly causing an upset.  Benny upset Uchitha by 4 points to knock him off the top, whilst in the other game Raph went down by 2 points to Gavin… Seems naming Parfitt on the bench when he wasn’t picked by Geelong backfired when Bont pulled out and Raph needed someone to come in and get him a goal… oops.

To Div 2 and Nicko continued on his merry way at the top going to 7-0 despite “off weeks” from his stars Gawn (34) and Mitchell (29), he got the job done against Ben by 2 goals. Touk Miller his unlikely hero this week with a 9-4 tackle advantage.  Steesh leads the chasing pack after knocking up 208 to dispatch Davo whilst Michael was even more impressive, managing 233 to thrash Tuddy.  Juzzy handed Adam a simple win when he left Casboult (3 points) in the ruck, despite the returns of Bellchambers (32) or Ryder (19).  Given he lost by 4 points in a low scoring tussle, its safe to say the mistake was pretty costly  (note:  Adam kicked 138, Juzzy luck cannot be stopped, even if his incompetence cost him the win).  The final game saw Richo sneak past McRob in an evenly matched struggle, with most positions balancing out against their opponents, Merrett’s failure for McRob seemed the key stat.

Div 3 and the runaway leader was beaten !!  Red went in 6-0 against Frank who was 303 but Frank got 58 from Witts, Ben Brown and Max Gawn failed to match their recent form and the upset was complete…Sash and Des both moved closer to the top with important wins, Sash getting 187 to pip Skeeta in a thriller where Grundy and Beams went to head in the late game, whilst Des got 194 ad was reasonable untroubled by Dean.  Other games saw Andy P beat Parma and move into the 5, whilst Mitch, inspired by Ed Curnow, had few reasons for concern as he saw off Nick B.

Many a strange happening in Div 4 this week…. We’ll start with the big upset where unassuming DK knocked off Damo by 5 points… Given DK sent his team in with a note saying he hoped to get within 10 goals, it is a win worth celebrating… Tom Hickey his hero for neutralising Gawn at least.  Blues topped the scoring and moved top of the ladder with 224 on back of Witts and Curnow combining for 114 poits in the ruck/tackler combo, comfortably beating Huntsman who was unlucky with 187 of his own.  Willy also topped 200 in thrashing Beamer who seems to still be stacking his twos, however his twos also got beat and dropped to 8th on the table.  Piglet picked two blokes who were injured or dropped but still managed 185 to thrash Patrick, whilst in the other game Clayton flogged Cabbage who had a disastrous round, finishing with only 97.

Whilst on Cabbage’s 97 we move to the eliminator where he went out, along with Patrick’s 121.  At least Cabbage had excuses with early injury to Shuey not helping, whilst Patrick forgot to submit a team so gets what is deserved…

The tipping comp through up some better scores this week with Adelaide, Richmond and Melbourne all winning well.  Those that took the Dogs or Pies at least scored wins, whilst on the other end of the equation, Nick B speculated on the saints and dropped from 2nd to 8th and Patrick didn’t enter a tip so was given “worst eligible score” and -77 for Freo.  At the top Frank T remains in the leads, although Dean J and Raph closed the gap.

League in Order also got a bit tighter at the top.  Raph has lead since Round 1 and remains in front but his lead was cut from 10 points to 2 points this week as Sash moved closed.  Raph has Port to finish top so really needs them to move up from current 11th if he wants to stay in front.

That’s it for this week – 2 weeks to midseason draft  (Monday night after round 9 – will send details around this week)  - Cheers


Round 6 and plenty more surprises, both in the AFL and fantasy football… We’ll start with the on field action where Tom Mitchell topped the mids (45) again,  Ben Brown topped the forwards again (along with lesserlights Caddy, S.Gray and I.Smith), Steele and Ebert topped the relevant tacklers with 11 each (Lyons 13, Polec 12 went unused) whilst the big surprise was in the ruck where Gawn’s 42 wasn’t enough to beat Andrew Phillips’ 48  (I bet a few of you just said “who?”)…..

To Div 1 where we have a new ladder leader in Syd.  HE knocked up 211 and smashed Raph by 15 goals to leapfrog Uchitha on percentage.  Uchitha also had a win, but not quite as convincing, overcoming winless Mat by 7 points, thanks solely to Mat not having a ruckman (well Treloar’s 42 helped too).   Elsewhere Loaf held on against Janith in a tight tussle, Ben did likewise against Kingy (another who would’ve won had he found a player taller than 185cm to play in the ruck) and Simon took the points against Gavin in a low scoring encounter that did little to explain how these guys will go after both jumped out of the gates quickly only to stall in recent weeks….

Div 2 and Nicko continues his wonderful start to the year.  A frequent whipping boy of this column over the years, credit needs to be given when due.. Nicko is 6-0, 2 games clear on top and averaging 208 points a game !! Of course, this won’t mean anything to him as he openly states stats are not that relevant…  This week he smashed McRob by 80 points with a massive 230 score led by Gawn and Mitchell again.  Tight battles in all the other games with Davo knocking over Tuddy despite his forwards kicking 1 goal from 10 scoring shots, Steesh getting the points against Adam thanks to some late Josh Kennedy goals, Michael topping 200 and seeing off Ben by 25 points in a big game that keeps him well in contention after a bad start, and Richo beating Juzzy despite losing the tackles 11-1…

If Nicko is looking good in D2, then the same must be said for Red in D3.  He also scored big this week (225), also is 6-0 and averaging 200+ and also 2 games clear on top… This week he beat the extraordinarily unlucky Andrew who managed 210 of his own, to not just lose here, but also be playing Red in the cup for a double-defeat…  Red got 11 tackles from Ebert off the bench as cover for Scott Selwood (bet you are glad he didn’t play), and 42 from Gawn but the big difference was up forward where a 9goal to 6 performance proved the clincher…  Parma beat Mitch after switching unknown James HArmes to tackler and being rewarded with 9, nice work Bruce, I knew pikcing 15 Melbourne blokes every year would uncover a gem one day 😊 Frank pipped Dean in a thriller, eventually wining by 3 points after Gaff was set 30 to win in the late game and got 32, Sash smashed his mate Nick by 10 goals and will no doubt drive Nick mad talking about it all week, whilst finally Des pipped Skeeta by 4 points in a thriller, Mitchell again the key…

Div 4 gave us a couple of thrillers… Piglet beat DK by a solitary point that came from a last minute Sandilands hit out in the late game leaving DK to regret dropping Bont and Kennedy to his 2s this week whilst Huntsman saw off Clayton by 2 points, an impressive effort given Jeremy Howe was his ruckman….  Cabbage topped the D4 scorers for the week with 209 to end Willy’s recent run of form whilst up top ladder leaders Damo and Blues both scored good wins.  Damo had the bye and made a meal of Beamer’s reserves whilst Blues got the points against Patrick with minimum of fuss.

To the side comps where there was plenty of action this week – we’ll start with the cup where the 32 remaining teams did battle. I won’t go through every game but highlights included Red 225 knocking out Andrew 210, Nicko Cabbage Michael & Syd all going through with 20+ scores, whilst in the close ones Sash edged out Damo by 5 points and Richo did just enough to get over Steesh by 2 points

The eliminator victims this week were Juzzy with 144 (there is no “points against” here so he was always in trouble) and Raph who had a shocker with 123.

In the tipping comp it was good to see 37 of us tip a winner (commiserations to the other 3 who at least knocked over their obligation to back Carlton once)…  It made for a small change at the top where Frank who took Adelaide (48 pts) overtook Nick B (Dogs, 21 pts)… This will start to get interesting soon as various tactics work, or don’t… Frank for example is top but he has tipped 6 pretty good sides… If I was framing a market, I might have Ben R favourtie, sitting 12th but having already tipped Suns, Carlton and Brisbane… I’m sure there are others in similar boat who must still be pretty confident !

Finally to the league in order where Raph continues to maintain his good lead, 8 points ahead of Sash and Huntsman who climbed from 10th to equal 2nd this week..   

Good luck to all next week, except any playing me of course… Til then.


So after 6 days we have completed the marathon that was round 5….  It leaves us with only 2 undefeated sides after 3 of the 5 lost, but more on that later – on the field we again saw big Max as the dominant force with 56 hit outs, Brad Ebert’s 14 tackles matched him,  Fyfe’s 43 won the midfield by 9 from his nearest rival, whilst up front things were a little quieter with Bruest and Walters leading the way with 5 each.

In Div 1 there were upsets aplenty with the top 3 sides all getting beat… Uchitha went into the round unbeaten and averaging 207 a week, but had a relative shocker scoring only 159 and going down to Loaf.  Raph couldn’t capitalise on his stumble, also suffering his first defeat as Max Gawn once again inspired Jagger to the 4 points and a big win… Wonder if Raph regrets taking Jacobs with the coveted pick 1, a decision currently costing him 3 goals a week on average. 3rd placed Gavin also went down with Benny the perpetrator of that one..  Elsewhere Syd topped 200 in beating Simon and in a battle of the bottom 2, Kingy was untroubled by Mat, securing his first win despite no ruckman and  a couple of his players not getting on the park…

To Div 2 where our two unbeaten sides clashed in the supposed match of the round.  It was no contest in the end with Nicko steaming away from Juzzy on back of Breust and then Gawn to win by 59 pts in a canter.  At the other end of the table Michael secured his first win, Ebert’s 14 tackles seeing him upset Stu Mc whilst fellow struggler Tuddy was not so lucky – battling again to a disappointing 123 and going down to Ben easily…  Other games saw Davo, thanks mainly to Sandilands, beat Adam with minimal fuss and finally Richo left it too late against Steesh, needing 75 points on Wednesday from Sidebottom, Zaharakis and Treloar to see off Steesh.. They got 67 and he went down.

In a week of upsets no such story in D3 where runaway ladder leader Red got the job done again, scoring 211 to easily see off Mitch… Some big games in the chasing pack where Des’ 203 “runs on the board” had to stand up against Frank who had Daniher, Reid, Treloar and Zaharakis in the last game of the round.  Their collective target of 105 proved too many although had Daniher and Reid kicked straight early it might’ve got nervy. Dean’s tough season continued, going down to Andrew in a low scorer whilst the other 2 games went right down to the wire.  Skeeta took a small lead into Grundy v Sidebottom on Wednesday and came out on top as Grundy got it done, whilst Parma and Sash effectively had a tackle off with Pendlebury v Smith going down to the wire.  6-5 to Smith got Sash the points by the narrowest of margins.

D4 saw premiership favourite Damo flex his muscles with a big 221 to thump Cabbage (I won’t make a chow mein joke).  Even scarier had he played Ebert (his usual tackler) he would’ve gone past 250.  Blues kept pace with him at the top courtesy a comfy win over Piglet on back of Ed Curnow’s 12-2 tackle advantage (Piglet not doubt rapt with Lindsay Thomas knocking his tackler out)…. Willy’s resurrection after a luckless start to the year continued with a big win over Huntsman, Clayton and Patrick went down to the wire with Clayton coming out on top easier than it seemed leading into Anzac day, whilst DK had the bye, posting a shocker with 129 but still winning as Beamer has abandoned his season after 3 rounds…

In the side comps, tough round in the tipping with popular picks Brisbane, GWS, Hawthorn and WCE not meeting expectations… Those that took GC would be happy with a win and to have them ticked off, whilst the real rewards went to those that thought outside the square.. Damo and Mitch got 54 from Freo, Michael 46 from the Tigers.

League in Order had a mini shake up everywhere but the top where Raph continues to dominate with a 6 point lead over Sash… Richmond finishing a round on top of the ladder for the first time since 1995 was good news for those who backed them in, whilst North and WCE continue to exceed expectations and push scores up sharply…

The eliminator victims this week wereTuddy and Nick B with 123 and 120 respectively.  I suspect the cut off will now start to go up in this comp…

Thanks all for getting cash in on time last week – always better for the competition not to have points penalties needlessly applied…. 

Finally, next week is round 2 of the cup for the 32 left standing.. Be sure to copy in your cup opponent when sending your teams.