Key Dates

Draft Night - Monday March 19, 2018
Money Due - Sunday April 15, 2018
Midseason Draft - Monday May 21 or Tuesday May 22, 2018



For information, suggestions, or anything to do with this comp feel free to contact Stuart Ainge on



Evening All,

7 days til draft night.  Hope your preparation is going well.

Had a few line up changes with the current sheet below.

Farewell to Nudge Shan Frank Spence Sam (5 FUCC premiership team mates, sad times) and Andy  (I’ll stop spamming you after this email I promise).

Welcome to 6 new recruits: Cabbage, DK, Willy, Beamer, Patrick and Huntsman.  If those that have introduced you haven’t fully explained the comp, check out the website ( which has a full rules list (mostly up to date) or drop me a line with any queries.

If for any reason, anyone else is not 100% confirmed to be participating (or if attending by proxy/phone, have teed up said proxy/calltaker) please let me know asap, as I will need time to sort out a replacement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Finally, not many takers on the supercoach league – code is below – I assume a lot of you have an entry so throw it in to avoid us getting left with a league topped up by randoms.

Cheers – see you all next Monday



It is that time of year again..  Hope you are all keen and ready to go.

Draft  -  Monday 19 March – Footscray United CC – 17 Scovell Cres, Maidstone.  7:30 start (So please plan to be there by 7:20)

RSVP  - Please let me know asap if you are playing this year  (also, if you have any one else who might be interested in joining).  If I don’t hear from you this week I will follow up as need to get organised asap.

Rules – no major changes.   We will have a vote on draft night on bye weeks (Reduced teams or full teams) as this generated considerable discussion last year.  Scoring system to remain unchanged.  I’ll cement the “partial lockout” into the rules given we have 7 Thursday games again.  Also, ruck “emergency” rule that worked well last year to be clarified and entered into the rules (may also discuss at draft implementing similar “auto inclusion” for other positions if people think it is preferable to the emergency system?)

Mid draft – to discuss on draft night.  With bye rounds shortly thereafter I still see benefit in topping up lists.  Whether there is a way to do it online (ie messenger chat ?) instead of all attending can be discussed.

Tipping comp – has varied slightly to keep people involved longer.  Will still run round 1 – 18 and you still need to pick a team each week (And can never pick same side twice) but rather than being elimination, you score the margin your team wins or loses by.  So round 1, I pick Essendon and we beat Adelaide by 10 points, I Score +10.  If you tip Adelaide you score -10… This way everyone stays in for the 18 rounds but the “one team a week” concept remains in play.

New side competition – I’m also adding a “league in order” competition.  Here you must predict the AFL ladder as at end of round 23 and closest to correct win… Scoring here is a lowest score wins, with points awarded for how far away you are… ie I tip Essendon to finish 2nd and they finish 4th I get 2 points.  I tip Collingwood to come 13th but they come 17th I score 4 points and so on.   League in order tips must be submitted with round 1 tips (or if you are organised, at draft night)

Cost/Prize – Cost unchanged at $100 due by end of round 4.  Prizes for premiers and runners up will remain unchanged – I’ll do some juggling of minor prizes to accommodate “league in order” money

Contact info:  my latest details are below.  When you rsvp, let me know if your details are current.

Finally, I’ve also set up a Stusfantasyfootball supercoach league for those looking for league/s to join –– code is 557626.