Key Dates

Draft Night - Monday March 19, 2018
Money Due - Sunday April 15, 2018
Midseason Draft - Monday May 21 or Tuesday May 22, 2018



For information, suggestions, or anything to do with this comp feel free to contact Stuart Ainge on



Grand final day - just the mere words carry an extra something to those participating - whether it be as irrelevant Monday night indoor beach volleyball, as high profile as the AFL or in this case, fantasy football and the culmination of 22 weeks of ups ad downs....

In Division 1 minor premier Loaf took on early season flag favourite Janith in a game that swung back and forward all weekend. Loaf was off to a flyer with Caddy on Friday night but below par efforts from Danger and Witts on Saturday left him vulnerable when Janith got some goals out of Gunston and Membrey... Cripps and Hunter got Loaf back in front, but Gawn then blasted JAnith to a decent lead... Ben Brown was to have the final say though and needed 2.3 to hand Loaf the flag, sadly he went goal-less and Janith takes his first Division 1 premiership with a 193-180 triump.

Div 2 was less about twists and turns and more about watching the dominant side all year finish the job. Whilst Nicko didnt hit the lofty highs he had hit during the year, he was uintroubled in the grand final, eventually running away 31 point winners over Michael... Michael was coming off a massive win in the prelim but none of his players could repeat those heroics.. He was in trouble the minute RIewoldt failed to fire on Friday night and by the time the final player took the field on Sunday, Nicko's Hugh Greewood didnt need to lay a tackle as the result was assured -184 to 153 the final score

Div 3 and Sash was even less worried than Nicko this week.... He dropped Caddy who kicked 4 Friday night and Devon Smith only got 5 tackles, so maybe for a second thought he was having an unlucky weekend, but that was the end of his concers. The rest of his team fired whilst Red simultaneously fell apart. As Buddy and Gunston kicked 9 betwee them and Beams and Darcy scored 38 each on Saturday for Sash, Red saw Selwood lay only 3 tackles, Gray kick just the 1 and his 2 mids score 20 and 25. By the time Sunday came around it was all about the margin only, as Sash ran away to a 95 point thrashing, 228-133. Back to Back premiers for Sash who won D4 last year,

To Div 4 where 1st year player Willy, took on the relatively more experienced, Blues. Blues looked unbeatable a month or so back but a string of injuries to key players had weakened them considerably by the time the grand final came around.. Willy wasnt without injuries of his own but the formline was stronger and so it played out. Gunston again was key kicking 4 gaols to give Willy some early comfort, Grundy dominated in the ruck on Saturday also, so that by the time Willy fired a few shots on Sunday with his Carlton duo and Waite all going ok, it was too late - Crouch finished the job for Willy with 46 touches as he eventually ran away 221-170 for a big win and a premiership on debut.

LIO comp still has a week to run but Sash and Raph continue to put some distance on the chasing pack and seem to have their hands on the prizes, just a matter of who takes the win.,., fair effort from Raph to be contending given he tipped Port to finish and top and they are out of the 8 now.

Finally, the knockout cup final was this week also with SKeeta taking on Red. As mentioned above Red had an absolute stinker with only 133 to hand the trophy to Skeeta whose 160 proved more than enough in a rather underwhelming encounter... A quick look showed Skeeta's 5 cup opponents averaged under 150 against him, proving the unpredictability of the knockout format means anyone could win it, even a team that didnt make the 5 in their division....

Thats it for the season really ( a short LIO update will follow next week).. Congrats to all the winners (prize list is updated) and thank you all for your entry, your banter, your attempts to comply with my at times anal requests, your co-operation through a tougher and tougher fixture when it comes to team selection and the general good spirit this year's competition was played in - as the admin of the comp, this was one of the best years yet - proud and happy to see the comp still going strong after 25 years !!

In coming days, I'll update FF all australian team, hall of fame is already done, and will get career stats up tonight or tomorrow.. Feedback, new ideas, suggestions ,etc all welcome and spread the word if you know of others keen to join for 2019.




Loaf - 212, 172, bye, 214, 182

Janith-  bye, 188, 214, 171, 199

Previous meetings:

Round 20-   Janith 188 Loaf 172

Round 15-   Janith 184 Loaf 154

Round 6 - Loaf 183 Janith 171

Likely line ups and averages:

Loaf- Brown (18.5) McDonald (18.0) Caddy (13.7) Oliver (30.1) Hunter (29.4) Dangerfield (28.2) Witts (38.9) Cripps (25.0) – total 201.8

Janith- Hogan (15.2) Gunston (14.6) Membrey (11.4) Beams (28.5) Whitfield (27.4) Simpson (26.1) Gawn (46.1) McLean (23.4) – total 192.8

Players missing:

Loaf- Josh Bruce, Mitch McGovern (?), Cyril Rioli, Jake Melksham

Janith- Nathan Fyfe (?), Sam Powell-Pepper (?), Matthew Kreuzer, Jonathon Patton, Jamie Elliott


I tipped Janith pre-season for the flag but hope I am wrong… On averages, Loaf wins in the forwards, mids and tacklers… Only Gawn stands in the way of a premiership.  Witts beat Gawn in our recent meeting but Janith still got the chocolates though, with Gunston and Membrey having big games.  I might be a little too close to this one to be objective but feel the game is won and lost by my team selections – got it wrong this week (Oliver/Cripps backwards, Danger left out) and cost self 50 points ,can’t afford that again.  I’m confident – I’ll back myself in.



Nicko – bye, 230, 249, 205, 196

Michael – 223, 187, 212, 204 (reserves stacked), 164

Previous meetings:

Round 20 – Nicko 230 Michael 187

Round 18 – Nicko 205 Michael 137 (really 204 but stacked twos)

Round 9 – Michael 190 Nicko 181

Likely line ups and averages:

Nicko- Bruest (16.1) Hogan (15.2) Stringer (10.7) Mitchell (36.5) Cripps (29.3) Kelly (28.2) Gawn (46.1) Greenwood (25.6) – total 207.7

Michael- Riewoldt (18.9) Gray (11.6) Membrey (11.4) Neale (30.4) Whitfield (27.4) Cunnington (25.9) Witts (38.9) Taranto (25.2) – total 189.8

Players missing:

Nicko – Sam PowellPepper (?), Jack Martin, Josh Kelly (?)

Michael – Dylan Shiel (?), Sam Reid, Mitch McGovern (?)


Nicko – messages are getting more and more cocky by the week – could the footy gods strike him down

Michael – got married last weekend, assume on a honeymoon this week – will he even be allowed to submit a team?


Hard not to top Nicko.  His scoring has been amazing all year, averaging 200 across 20 weeks (incl byes).  Michael had an absolute blinder this week with Riewoldt kicking 10, mids all exceeding average, etc, and still only got to 223 which Nicko almost expects each week…  With that in mind an upset seems unlikely, but a deeper looks says Nicko’s forwards all have tough matches, Greenwood was ordinary this week and Kelly got concussed so might miss (Dusty Martin not a bad back up though)– suddenly its not all over, but I’ll play it safe and predict Nicko comfortably.



Sash – bye, 234, 182, 167, 192

Red – 198, 171, 192, 155, 196

Previous meetings:

Round 20 – Sash 234 Red 171

Round 13 – Sash 170 Red 132

Round 4 – Red 211 Sash 176

Likely line ups and averages:

Sash – Franklin (20.6) Gunston (14.6) DeGoey (14.4)  Hunter (29.4) Beams (28.5) Martin (25.1) Darcy (32.0) Smith (33.8) – total 198.4

Red -  Brown (18.4) Walker (12.4) Gray (11.6) Steven (26.6) Phillips (26.4) Shuey (23.5) Gawn (46.1) S.Selwood (25.2) – total 190.2

Players missing

Sash – Josh Kennedy (wc), Nic Naitanui, Nathan Fyfe, Jack Viney,

Red – Taylor Walker (if suspended), Charlie Cameron, Paddy McCartin, Jack Martin,


I don’t often say nice things about Sash, in fact I try hard not to lol…. But to see his injury list containing his first choice forward, mid, ruck and tackler, 4 genuine stars, and him to be able to put a line up out that looks likely to start favourite in a grand final and probably score around 200 is very impressive…. He was my preseason tip for the flag and despite the injuries I see no reason to change here.  Red’s not without a chance but would need a huge game from Gawn (or Sash to lose Darcy) to cause the upset.



Willy - bye, 233, 186, 174, 182

Blues – 179, 189, 191, 178, 184

Previous meetings

Round 20 – Willy 233 Blues 189

Round 12 – Blues 226 Willy 164

Round 3 – Blues 181 Willy 157

Likely line ups and averages:

Blues – Cameron (19.1) Waite (15.5) Walker (12.4) Merret (26.8) Simpson (26.1) Polec (25.1) Witts (38.9) Curnow (27.1) – total 191.0

Willy – Hogan (15.2) Gunston (14.6) DeGoey (14.5) Macrae (32.2) M.Crouch (31.6) Ross (29.7) Grundy (38.5) Oliver (28.0)  - total 204.3

Players missing

Blues – Josh Kennedy, Andrew Gaff, Waite and/or Walker (if suspended), Aaron Hall

Willy – Tom Lynch (gc), Mitch McGovern (?)


Tough one to call.  Blues were on fire earlier in the year but may have peaked a little early with injuries and now suspensions cruelling them in recent weeks.. Willy on other hand had a slow start (0-3) but had surged home with an army of mids and tackling options all in form, Grundy on fire in the ruck (and possibly playing Port without a ruckman) and enough forward options to find some goals most weeks..  If Willy gets the selections right, he wins for mine.. Blues have been impressive, but with Kennedy and Gaff already gone and Waite and Walker a big chance to join them, I cant see it happening this week.


Prelim final week, the last chance saloon for those looking to get themselves in a grand final. On field who stepped up - well Junktime Jack lived up to his name with 10.6 in a match that resembled Junktime from the start, Lachie Hunter lead the mids with 44, Sam Jacobs topped the rucks with 55 and Shaun Burgoyne topped all tacklers with 13.

In Div 1 minor premier Loaf took on Syd in the prelim... Loaf seemed on top early and when Brown joined Caddy as a 4 goal forward it seemed all over but Syd wasnt done with yet... Going into late game Loaf was 53 up with Cripps to come whilst Syd only had McKAy ad Darcy... Suddenly midway through last quarter Cripps was on 8 points, Darcy 42 and McKay 12... The momentum was swinging hard, but suddenly Darcy went to the bench, Cripps got a couple more tackles and Loaf advanced....

In Div 2 there was no such drama.. Michael had a pretty good weekend, he got married, Riewoldt kicked 10, and he managed 223 to see off Ben R without fuss. Ben did nothing wrong with 191 of his own but was never really in the hunt after the Riewoldt show. . Scarily Michael did change his team after he'd submitted, interrupting his wedding day to sub Graham (3 tackles) in for Taranto (10 tackles)... Couldve had 251 and the $50 season prize if he had just concentrated on the wedding... Next up, the seemingly unstoppable (and increasingly confident) Nicko in the big one.

Div 3 pitted Red against Frank... Red's big names stepped up when he needed them with Coleman leader Ben Brown getting 4 crucial goals and MAx Gawn knocking up 46 to clear him out to a comfortable 35 point win... Frank needed his B-grade forwards to come to the party if he was to cause an upset but sadly for him Freo v Carlton was never really going to be a shootout.... Red will take on Sash in the big one.

To Div 4 where minor premier Blues took on early favourite for the flag Damo... As injuries took his forward line apart, DAmo has relied more and more on Gawn and so it was again... in the end with 2 Sunday games remaining scores were level... DAmo had Gawn to come and BLues (fittingly) had 2 Blues players (Simpson, Curnow) to come... Big ask for Max and whilst he got 46, the Blues duo combined for 52 and a one goal victory. Blues will play Willy next week.

Not much action in side comps this week - more ladder shaping games helped the LIO have its weekly reshuffle - Raph and Sash cleared out in front.

The knockout cup final is also next week with Red and Skeeta doing battle.,

Good luck to all, I'll try and get some grand final previews up this week but travelling again so no guarantees...


Semi final week is always one of my favourites... the top 4 sides in each division all playing, promotions, prizes and grand final spots up for grabs, etc... This week was no different although we did lack the close finishes (the AFL not so) wth most winners pretty decisive. On field the star was Grundy with 57, Buddy's 6 goals almost as good, Taylor Adams topped the tacklers with 11 whilst the midfielders all had a day out - Mitchell again on top though with 43 - no surprise.

In division 1 the big winner was Janith who upset minor premier Loaf to take the first GF spot... Gunston's 5 goals opened him up an early lead but Loaf slowly clawed it back until the Dees game with all on the line... Loaf had a small lead and 2 forwards, but both went goalless, whilst HOgan kicked 4 for Janith - game over... Loaf will play Syd next week after Syd ended Raph's season... Mitchell and Macrae the stars for Syd.

In Div 2 Nicko earned his spot back in Div 1 at first attempt... He amassed another 230 to take his average for the season to 200. Unbelievable effot. This week Gawn was down a little but his midfield of Mitchell and Kelly starred with 84 between them and his forwards came to the party with 10 goals.. Michael fought on well but couldnt bridge the gap eventually going down by 7 goals.. He will play Ben next week after Ben managed 200 of his own in eliminating Juzzy. Again, Gunston crucial whilst a 95-76 midfield advantage was also important.

D3 saw Sash seal his promotion and grand final spot with a 10 goal win over Red. 11 goals from Buddy and Gunston were the highlights in a team effort that score 7 players contribute 26 or more to win in all 4 positions... Red will play Frank next week who was untroubled by Andrew who picked a poor time of year to have a shocker, 180-136 the score with the Witts/Zorko combination Frank's biggest contributors.

To Div 4 and first year player , Willy, has taken the fast lane straight out of the bottom division with a strong win over minor premier Blues. Grundy with 57 was his start but again, Gunston was important too. In the end it was 233-189 as Willy took the spoils. Blues will play Damo next week who ended Cabbage's debut season with a solid 172-139 win.. Luke Bruest's 3 goals critical when all other forwards failed.

The other big game was the eliminator final where Nicko's 230 was enough to see off Blues 189. With an average score of 200 it's hard to argue Nicko doesnt deserve the prize for consistency. Congrats Nicko and unlucky Blues.

Finally, League in Order got another shake up this week. Sash and Raph remain the top 2 whilst MAt jumped out of the pack and into 3rd.

Prelim week next week as the final grand final spots are sorted. Good luck to all involved (except Syd, sorry mate).


Finals time, when reputations are made, or so they say.. Nobody really told that to Robbie Flower or Bob SKilton who played 600 games between them and so few finals you could count them one hand, but I digress (before I get on to Lynden Dunn),... If it is true, then in fantasy land some of the stars certainly stood up.. The rucks all fired, none moreso than Big Max with 66, Witts' 60 was almost as impressive, whilst Grundy Lobbe and Goldstein all topped 40... Tom Mitchell topped the mids (yawn) with another 42, big Tom Hawkins kicked 7 for the second week in a row, whilst Rory SLoane's 12 tackles was the best in that position...

In DIv 1 , we had some scores worthy of finals wins... Janith managed 214 on back of MAxy's 66 to see off Syd's 183.. Mitchell and Greenwood did their best to pull Syd into the game but the 66-27 advantage in ruck was too much.... Syd will play Raph next week after Raph eliminated Uchitha 228-185.. SLoane's 12 tackles did most of the work whilst Charlie Dixon kicked 5 to finish it off... Couple of blokes who havent prodcued much all year peaking at right time - good signs for Raph

In Div 2, Nicko had the week off but managed 249 anyway. Sadly as he wasnt playing a Div 2 game it doesnt win him the high score prize which remains with Adam's 234. For those sho did play Michael with 212 saw off Juzzy with relative ease. Witts' 60 was the key but rest of his team all won or broke even their positions too... Juz will play Ben after he eliminated Steesh 219-176.. Ben's star midfield all scored well to get him out in front and Yeo finished the job with 11 tackles... Steesh mightve hoped for JOsh KEnnedy to kick a bag and get him back in the game but once he pulled out it was done...

In D3 we didnt have quite as high scores but we had a couple of great games... Red ad Frank both had ordinary weeks , ruckman aside and scored 126 points each without rucks... Gawn 66 for Red v Witts 60 for Frank meant a 6 point win to Red and respectable scores of 192-186 in the end... Gaff's uncharacteristic 21 hurt Frank on Sunday with game in the balance... The elimination final saw PArma meet Andrew P. Hawkins 7 had Andrew in the box seat but Parma had hit back and was just about favourite before Neale and Polec combined for 68 touches on Sunday to get Andrew home, the end score 204-189...

Div 4 saw Willy smash Cabbage in the qualifying final 186-131 Grundy and Macrae his stars as Cabbage had a shocker... The elimination final saw early season flag favourite DAmo find form just in time with a 211-179 win over DK.. Gawn's 66 was the real difference here.

The sidecomps also had big games this week.. In the cup Skeeta kept his season alive with a strong 216, which was plenty against Cabbage who as mentioned earlier picked a bad time for a bad week.. The other semi saw D3 favourites Sash and REd clash with REd getting the poins this time by a goal - again Gawn the difference. Skeeta and REd will clash in the cup final in round 22

In the eliminator we had the last 4 players teeing off. Nicko starred with 249 - Gawn and Mitchell again the stars, whilst Greenwood and Cripps were also impressive... This left 3 players vying for one spot and Blues' 191 got the win eliminating Willy and Frank who both managed 186. Nicko and Blues will do battle next week in the "eliminator" final.

Finally, the league in order continues with Raph (60) ahead of Sash (64) and Andy P (68) with a big pack just behind them..

Thats it for this week - note couple of selection things moving forward.. If your seniors are playing and your reserves are not, be sure to nominate a reserves ruckman in case of a withdrawal. IF your reserves are playing and your seniors are not, you can only pick qualified players- I'll send them out asap but not later than Wednesday night for those that it applies to this week (they are also on the website as I complete the calculations)


What an action packed finale to our home and away season - plenty more thrillers, big scores, hard luck stories and more..... On the field the stars had a familiarish theme, Tom Mitchell's 46 touches dominating again, Rockliff's 11 tackles turned back the clock, Witts topped the rucks with 56 whilst the Tomahawk cashed in with 7 goals as the Dees capitulated again when it got hard....

In Div 1, a Witts inspired Loaf took the points against Benny in a game that sewed up the minor premiership and eliminated Ben from the finals race but the bigger action centred on the race for the 5 and the relegation battle. Uchitha and Raph played what was thought to be an elimination final with Uchitha getting home in a thriller despite a late surge for Raph from Charlie Dixon. Raph therefore couldve (Shouldve?) been out, but Simon missed the chance to jump in, getting smashed by bottom side Mat who no doubt regrets Tom Hawkins waiting this long to kick a bag... With Ben also missing his chance, Raph survived in 5th spot... At the bottom Kingy and Gavin were locked together coming into this round ...Gavin didnt really fire a shot against Syd so had to rely on Kingy going down to survive... Wasnt to be for Gavin as Kingy smashed out his season high of 207 on the back of 10 goals from Bruest and Fantasia to upset Janith and stay in the top flight...

Div 2 and again it was the brink of the finals and the relegation battles where the action was hottest... I said in my preview Richo needed to get job done against bottom side Tuddy then hope someone above him tripped up... Well that plan fell at first hurdle with Tuddy smashing him (again Tomahawk inspired) leaving the top 5 unchanged... Steesh got the points anyway so wouldve been safe but Ben went down to Adam by a solitary point... Couldnt that have been painful for him if Dean had won.. At the bottom, McRob and Davo had been locked together for a couple of weeks fighting for 2nd relegation spot... McRob;s good run ended with a flogging by Steesh, leaving him relying on Davo losing to survive. Dave needed 3 goals from Toby Greene and got 2.1 to just fall short against Juzzy and find himself going dow... Elsewhere Nicko tuned up for finals with a 205 to smash Michael. Michael stacked his twos where he got 204 of his own - that wouldve been a great game had it been played on its merits. Big chance they will meet in coming weeks with a vastly different line up for Michael.

Bit less drama in D3 with one obvious exception.. Andrew and Skeeta clashed in a sudden death battle for 5th... Genuine early elimination final with no hanging on other results - win in, lose out... Hawkins' 7 gave Andrew the advantage but SKeeta got 12 goals from his own forwards to nullify that, until Andrew lobbed another 4 from the unlikely source of Puopolo.. Still stayed close but in the end Skeeta needed Coniglio to go to 33 and he only got 25 leaving Andrew through 221-214 in a classic... Elsewhere Sash sewed up the minor premiership with a comfy win over Mitch who must wish he played Orazio, Red suffered a shock loss to Des, Dean J upset Parma in a thriller that cost PArma a double chance whilst Frank relied on Witts to get past Nick, a 56-17 ruck advantage and only a 22 point win...

Div 4's best match turned out to be a dead rubber with Huntsman and PIglet both missing the 5 but going out with a 200-183 match where both outscored the other 8 teams... Huntsman got the points if anyone is interested. The big game was the DK - CLayton elimination final... Clayton had conceded pre-game saying DK's forwards would blow him away - when Buddy went goal less at home to the suns that didnt seem a concern.. In the end though the result was the same with DEvon Smith's 10 tackles handing DK the decisive break and he held on by 8 points... Willy pipped DAmo for 2nd with a solid win, Cabbage finished 3rd courtesy of an easy win against Patrick whilst Blues tuned up for the finals with a 3 goal win that ends Beamer's debut season.

I dont usually comment on reserves games, but couple of things worth a mention.. In D1 reserves all 5 games were decided by a goal or less... With 4 teams battling for 2 finals spots, good luck trying to track that across the weekend. The other reserves point of note was in D2 where Ben held off Richo for minor premiership by 0.01% or about a 5th of a behind.

In the eliminator we lost Sash and Simon... Sash suddenly looking very vulnerable without NicNat, whilst Simon had a down week at the worst possible time.. Only 4 remaining, Nicko Frank BLues & Willy as it starts to heat up.

In the tipping comp, Des took out the trophy after a phenomenal second half of the season.. HE scored 474 points in the last 8 weeks to win by over 100. Cabbage came from behind to take second spot. Janith lead most of the way but scored -98 in the last 2 weeks to finish 5th.

LIO saw another shuffle with early leader Raph going back on top from Sash. Uchitha and Nicko a further 6 points back in 3rd.

As well as finals action, next week is also semi final week for the knockout cup. Skeeta will extend his season by another week with a clash against CAbbage, whilst Red and Sash do battle in the other semi, probably not the only time they'll meet in the next month.

Thats it for now - thanks to those who drop out this week (I count 12 who are done for) for an excellent season - to the other 28 players remaining alive in some way shape or form - good luck for the next month - prizes, promotions and bragging rights are all on the line...


The penultimate week of our home and away season has been run and some massive games with much hanging on them – upsets, thrashing and thriller highlight the week in our league, but who were the stars?  Todd Goldstein won the ruck comfortably with 52, Tom Mitchell and Rory Laird (yawwwwwwn) topped the mids again with 43 each, Jack Steele’s 10 topped the tackles whilst up front Ziebell and Ronke kicked 5 each as Nth had 3 of the top 4 forwards of the round but still lost….

In Div 1, Loaf squandered a chance to wrap up the minor premiership, botching team selection (Luke Parker – what !!) and opening the door for Syd to reignite his season.  Syd didn’t hesitate and moved back into the top 3 – Aaron who?  Janith took full advantage with a solid win over Gavin, a 9 goal forward line providing the decisive break and leaving Gavin locked in a relegation battle that will go down to the wire.  He is level on points with Kingy who scored an upset of his own, knocking over Raph 154-152 in a thriller to keep himself alive for another week… Speaking of relegation Mat wasn’t so lucky, his late season revival ending with an 11 point loss to Benny.,, 8 tackles to 1 the difference there.  Finally, Simon was the week’s star with 220 which moved him to the brink of the top 5 as he beat 5th placed Uchitha by 11 goals. He is 1.5% behind Uchitha now heading into the final round….

In Div 2, Nicko continued on his merry way at the top with a comfortable win over Tuddy, Mitchell and Gawn again provided the bulk of his scoring….  The real action here has been the relegation battle though.  Last week Dave and McRob both won as they fight for 8th spot, and this week both faced higher ranked opponents again… Davo took on Michael and thanks to Rory Sloane’s 7-1 tackle advantage he got the invaluable points.  His joy however was quickly ended when McRob scraped home against Adam by 5 points.. Adam losing 2 players didn’t help but McRob will take it and enters the final round in the safe spot.. Other games saw Ben knock Richo out of the 5 with the division top score of 201.  Finally juzzy smashed Steesh whose injury curse reached even greater heights with Naitanui and Josh Kennedy both not reaching half time. Juzzy luck again?

Div 3 saw little change to the standings this week with most games going to script.  The one exception was Skeeta losing his spot in the 5 courtesy of an upset loss to Mitch.  Despite losing 2 players to late withdrawals Mitch got the points to keep his chances of avoiding relegation alive… At the top Sash was untroubled against Des, a 9-0 tackle advantage and 8-3 forward advantage making light work of things.  Red kept the pressure o with a big win over Dean J to ensure the minor premiership race isn’t over yet, whilst the battle for 3rd was fought out between Parma and Frank.  Parma didn’t quite reach last week’s heights but did enough to take the points and 3rd spot.. Finally ,Andrew had the division’s best score with a 199 to smash Nick and leave him looking over his shoulder next week to try and avoid the drop.

With top spot locked up and a holiday to go on before the finals, Blues took his eye off the ball a little this week, picking his team early and not realising he could’ve called upon Josh Kennedy… Didn’t matter as he continued his good form and saw off Cabbage comfortable without him… The next 3 sides are now all locked together after Willy scored a solid win over DK to jump to 2nd.. Meanwhile Damo was upset by Piglet in a result that was almost sealed on Thursday night with Piglet having 134 from 4 Crows and Cats players and Damo having no tackles from J.Selwood and a solitary goal from Betts…   Elsewhere Clayton capitalised on DK’s loss with a big 201 to edge Beamer and keep his chances of scraping into 5th alive whilst Huntsman thrashed Patrick despite having no ruckman, a result that means he is still mathematically in it too with a week to go.

The eliminator victims this week were Skeeta and Richo with 148 & 155 respectively… These sort of scores were never going to cut it in the last 8 and with only 6 left now, anything under 180 is likely in trouble….

The tipping comp was just about decided on Saturday night when our leaders selections played each other.  Janith was 20 in front of Des but had the Suns to Des’ Bombers, a 44 point win to Essendon equalled an 88 point turnaround and Des now has not only a big lead, but the Eagles left for next week and they are home to the Dogs…. Game Set Match.  Janith (dogs) will be left to hold off Frank (Ess)  and Cabbage (also WCE) for the 2nd place prizemoney.  A 27 point win for the Eagles would be enough for Cabbage to jump over Janith, whilst Frank will need Essendon (home to Freo) to almost match the eagles margin.

League In order took another twist this week with some upsets – Hawks went down a few spots, Giants up, whilst Geelong and the Roos also missed chances to climb… Uchitha and Sash now lead with 60 pts, from Raph on 62..

That’s it for this week – next week’s final round will thankfully start on a Friday to make life a little easier for everyone.


Belated round 16 news - sorry for drop in service of late- world cup playing havoc with my body clock.... Anyway stars of the week were Devon Smith with 13 tackles, Gaff with 41 touches, Gawn and Jacobs with 42 hit outs and Bruest and Hipwood with 6 goals each....You'd think such scoring would equate to a high average but it didnt with 177 the average score, down by 8 points on hte week before.

In Div 1 plenty of big results, but we'll start with the big scores. Rpah (218) and JAnith (216) both scored big wins. Raph knocking Gavin over by 44 points whilst Janith saw off fellow contender Syd by 71 despite HIpwood kicking 6 for Syd... Elsewhere Ben kept his finals chances alive with an upset win over UChitha, Simon did likewise against Kingy whilst Loaf came from behind to all but relegate MAt.. Pendlebury needed 29 to get the win, had 11 at half time but steamed home... Wouldve enjoyed watching it more if he wasnt sinking the bombers at the same time....

To D2 where Nicko all but claimed the minor premiership with a narrow win over Ben. Bruest and Gawn pulling him over the line despite his other 6 players all failing... McRob and Davo are locked in a 2 horse race to avoid the 2nd relegation spot. Davo got a solid win over the injury ravaged Steesh, whilst McRob didnt let that phase him, notching 200 to narrowly upset RIcho and keep himself out of hte bottom 2. A couple of late DeGoey goals got Richo within a kick but he couldnt quite bridge the gap. Elsewhere Juzzy continued his good run with a win over Adam and , Michael battled but did enough for the 4 pts against Tuddy who is now mathematically relegated.

The top 4 going into this round all played each other in a big week for Div 3. Sash flexed his muscles with a massive 251 to thrash Skeeta who would look at his team and think they didnt do much wrong but still lost by 73. Smith Beams and NicNat the stars for Sash as well as his 10 goal forward line... Red didnt hit the same heights but maintained the ladder pressure with an impressive 194-189 win over Frank. Scott Selwood back and in form makes his line up much more dangerous. Now Sash wouldve thought 251 might leave him with the high score prizer for the year, but he didnt even get it for the week after PArma went nuts with a huge 259 to record a 104 point win and leapfrog into 4th on the table. Andrew was his victim whilst Hipwood and JAcobs were his stars in a pretty even team effort. Other games saw come crucial results for the relegation battle with Dean gone after losing to Des and Mitch almost gone after losing to fellow struggler Nick who he couldve overtaken with a win, but now sits 2 games behind with 2 rounds to go.... Nick could even make a late charge for the finals should he win his last two and others stumble....

Div 4 saw none of the highlights provided by D3 but did produce some important results. Blues cruised to a comfy win over Huntsman and secured the minor premiership in the process. DK upset Damo to shorten his finals odds, Smith's 13-4 tackle advantage the key. Cabbage was untroubled by CLayton, Willy got the points against Beamer with minimal fuss and PIglet kept himself a mathematical chance by doing what needed to be done against Patrick...

Round 16 was also the quarter finals of the knockout cup.. Sash went through which is no surprise given he scored 251 - knocking out Syd by over 100 points. Red pipped Blues in a thriller. Gaff not able to outscore Shuey by enough in the late game despite managing 40+.. Elsewhere Cabbage rounded off a bad weekend for Adam's team, whilst Skeeta advanced with a good win over Michael to soften the blow of his 73 point loss in the league.

To the eliminator where we lost Syd (145) and Adam (152). Both also lost their league games and were knocked out of the cup whilst Adam tipped the Dogs (lost by 63) and Syd the BLues (lost by 65) Bad week all round for these two....

The tipping comp remains interesting with the top 2 both the leaders scoring well again. Janith stll in front after landing 65 points from the Lions. Des also had them so remains 24 behind. Juz (also Bris) jumped to 3rd but is a long way back whilst Raph had Carlton and -65 to dsiappear from contention . A quick look ahead shows Janith has the Suns and Dogs left so perhaps all is not over yet... Des has the more impressive Bombers and Eagles to unfurl whilst Juz has Blues and Bombers... 4th ranked Skeeta is a long way back but has Hawthorn and Richmond -could the Tigers smash StkIlda by 100 i round 18 for him to steal the prize.

League in order remains a tight comp, Uchitha (60) leads Raph (62) Sash (64) Nicko (66) Andrew (68) and BLues (70) in a very evenly spread leaderboard. At the other end of the table Gavin remains JUST ahead of PArma who didnt submit a form so has his list defaulted into alphabetical order...


As we enter the final month of our home and away season, nearly everything is still up for grabs.. Everyone still has something to play for, be it top spot, finals, double chances, or to avoid relegation - not to mention bragging rights ,etc.... This week on field was pretty unpredictable and same can be said for fan footy results... The top scorers were Tom Mitchell (surprise surprise) with 50 touches (and 13 tackles), Brodie Grundy with 49 hit outs (v Witts too, hardly a Jackson Trengove style ruck opponent), Steele and McLean with 11 tackles (behind Mitchell but nobody using him) and up front, 8 guys kicked 4 and another 15 kicked 3...

In Div 1, a real log jam is forming at the top. With ladder leader Loaf (10-5) going down to Janith in a comfortable upset result, the next 4 teams are all equal a game behind. As well as Janith, important wins from Raph and Uchitha saw them join Syd at 9-6. Raph, no doubt happy to see SLoane back, beat Syd in a hugely important result that was in the balance right up until Sandilands pulled out leaving Syd no chance, whilst Uchitha scored a round-high 234 to see off Mat despite MAt kicking 190 of his own. Comp admin was pleased to see the margin more than 2.1 after refusing to accept the late inclusion of Ronke on Thursday night after he'd kicked 2 goals in first 6 minutes (no suspicion of foul play, just unlucky timing). Other games saw a couple of teams trying to avoid relegation grab vital wins. Kingy managed 180 and an upset over Ben on the back of a 10 goal forward line, only for Gavin to respond and come from behind to beat Simon - Gavin no doubt delighted when the Roos announced Jacobs as a late out, 11 tackles from the bench getting him home.

The NIcko show rolled on in Div 2 but not without a major challenge from relegation threatened McRob.. Nicko had an impressive 230 on the board early after Hogan and Gawn rounded out his team in the early game - McRob still had a couple of unlikely bullets to fire though and needed 63 from Zach Merrett and Shaun McKernan... When McKernan caught fire and kicked 3 goals in no time it looked like the upset was on, but in the end Nicko held on by 7 points, thaks to Mitchell and Gawn as usual. Another thriller between 2 of his main chasers in Richo and Juzzy came to a disappointing end for Juz when needing 3 goals from Eric Hipwood, he got 2.4 - I didnt see the game but I hope the 4 behinds didnt include a couple of last quarter sitters... Elsewhere Michael jumped to 2nd with a solid win over Ben on back of a 10 goal to 2 forward advantage and Adam saw off Steesh in a low scoring game that keeps him well in contention for the 5. Finally, the bottom 2 had a last roll of the dice game to try and keep themselves in with a chance of surviving. Davo was the victor, all but relegating Tuddy and getting himself within touching distance of 8th spot and safety.

Just when Div 3 was looking a little like a 2 horse race, the top 2 lost and the next 4 all passed 200 to show they are in with a shot.... We'll start at the top where Sash retuend from THailand but remained distracted, only managing 164 in an upset loss to his mate Nick, a result that sees Nick climb out of the bottom 2. The end margin was only 2 points and you cant help but think of what Sash's reaction mustve been when Fyfe did his hammy in the first half of the late game... 2nd placed Red scored better but still to no avail, suffering a 3 goal loss to Andrew who will thank his ruck/tackler combo of Sinclair and Steele for the points... The other games all saw one team score big. Skeeta managing 226 on back of Grundy and Toby McLean to smack Des, Frank got 219 of his own to thump Dean, whilst Parma's 208 was enough to beat MItch, despite Mitch getting 8 goals from his 2 bombers forwards.

On to Div 4 where the good news story remains Blues' run, whilst the bad news story centres on the fact nobody seems to want to make the 5. TEams in 4th 5th and 6th all went down this week, each one missing a chance to get a big jump on their rivals. We'll start at the top though where Blues is almost crowned minor premier after opening up a 2 game and perecentage gap with 3 rounds to go - this week he managed 203 and a 64 point victory over PAtrick who at least fielded a full team this week. 2nd ranked Damo scraped a narrow win over Beamer to at least keep BLues waiting for another week to be confirmed on top. The match of the round saw PIglet and DK clash. THey matched each other all down the list with Piglet shading the forwards 11-10, the mids breaking even at just under 90, but in the end Stanley's ruckwork got Piglet a narrow break and 5 point win, 207-202. Other games saw Cabbage leap to 3rd with a close win over Willy and Huntsman overcome a late selection (Friday submission meant couldnt use Jake Lloyd who'd already played Thursday night) drama to score an import win over Clayton that keeps him in with a chance..

The eliminator victims were DAmian and Ben R who both managed 155. Damo lost Fyfe early so could be considered unlucky whilst Ben's forward line went 0.0 0.0 OUT, so he was fighting from a long way back.

In the tips, the most popular choice was Freo and they lsot by 10 goals, so it was a bad week all round with all up 24 people backing losers... The "genius" move of the week was PIglet taking Brisbane.. Away in PErth -why not - he mustve seen the big win coming.... At the top the leading 3 all had Collingwood, so that and so many behind them losing has opened up a bit of a break for JAnith (539), Des (515) and Raph (508)

The League in order looked to be settling down a couple of weeks ago, but a string of upsets has thrown that around again - Collingwood to 2nd (WTF), GIants back to 6th, Dees Roos and Cats all losing and dropping down unexpectedly ,etc.... Our top 3 remain the most likely candidates though. Sash and Raph (60) and Uchtiiha (62) have been out near the front all year, and whilst others catch up and drop off, you would think the winner comes from that group.

Finally, cup next week - remember to submit teams to both opponents - especially with it being a Thursday games and changes likely ,etc...

Finally , on that, couple of muck ups this week with selection - the rules do state an hour before hte first game and whilst I don't want to be too tight (like I mightve been years ago), its hard to know how flexible to be sometimes... Obviously after the bounce is not good !