Key Dates

Draft Night - Monday March 20, 2017
Money Due - Monday April 17, 2017
Midseason Draft - Monday May 22, 2017



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Grand final week and after 22 rounds of ups and downs, the fantasy football rollercoaster came to an end with surprisingly little drama.

In Division 1, minor premier Benny ended Gavin's gallant late charge with a 3 goal win that was more comfortable than the margin would suggest. Josh Kennedy again was the star for Ben whilst MArc Murphy holding his own with MAtt Crouch in the midfield helped too... JAck Steele got 11 for Gavin to close the margin late, but Ben is a deserving champ - his 2nd Div 1 premiership, only the 4th multiple winner in the 24 year history of the competition.

Division 2 and we saw the biggest score of the weekend. Uchitha has been posting big numbers most of the season but pre game there was plenty of support for Syd and his ultra consistent line up.... Tom Mitchell did what he's done all year to give Uchitha an early lead but the game was still somewhat in the balance until his forward line all played on Sunday. When Hogan Riewoldt and Membrey combined for 13 goals he blew Syd away, eventually winning by 72 points....

In Div 3 we saw something of an upset with Tuddy knocking over Adam... That said Tuddy is just about unbeatable in games where Scott Selwood plays and the Geelong tackler didnt let him down this week, another 12 tackles taking his season tally to 116 in just 10 games...Jacobs also added 8 goals to give Tuddy a big lead and when Adam's much vaunted forward line failed him, he couldnt bridge the gap, going down by 34....

Div 4 saw one of this colums favourite whipping boys get himself a deserved flag, when Sash took on Andrew P and got the job done... Junktime Jack's 4 goals eventually sealed the win for Sash, but it was veteran tackler Matt Priddis whose 7-3 tackle win over Coniglio gave him the early advantage and a consistet midfield all scoring 30+ refused to let up, eventually running away 27 point victor..

Finally, we also had the knockout cup final where Juzzyluck struck yet again, restricting Adam to his lowest score of the year. That and big games from Paddy Ryder (55) Zaharakis (38) and Josh Kennedy (4 goals) ensured Juzzy won his first cup.

Thats it from me for now, congrats to all our winners, this comp is competitive enough you cannot win with luck alone, so well played - stay tuned in coming days for updated career records, FF All Australian team, and for those who won prizes flick me your bank account details, and let me know if you want me to deduct next year's entry fee..


Prelim week – last chance saloon as teams battle it out for a spot in the big dance, with the prizemoney and promotions on the line….  On field, Josh Kennedy starred, the rucks all went missing, Scott Selwood continued to amaze, whilst Matt Crouch and Nathan Jones led the mids….

In Div 1, Gavin and Janith were both looking to make their first Div 1 decider, Janith after 6 years in the top flight whilst Gavin had climbed from D4 in less than that time…  None of that counted for much of course, and both teams put in a relative shocker, enough to make those of us outside the 5 cringe and what might’ve been, but in the end good games from Crouch and Kreuzer were enough for Gavin to crawl to 162 and that turned out to be plenty as Janith notched only 138 to go out with a whimper…

Scoring was much better in D2 as two veteran soughts to return to the top flight.  Juzzy started terribly with Lachie Neale notching only 9 possessions and his whole midfield only managed 48, but came back into contention when Josh Kennedy kicked him 6.. With tacklers and rucks all but even, Syd needed something from his forwards and they didn’t let him down, all scoring multiple goals to nullify the Kennedy impact and ensure he didn’t go out in straight sets…

The D3 prelim was something of a mismatch… Adam, who’d been dominant for most of the season v Des who had come good late but lost Witts Ablett and Hawkins this week to start this one at long odds…  When Adam started the weekend with Patton kicking the first 3 goals on Friday night you could write your own ticket for Des ad whilst his teams battled manfully they didn’t get the miracle they required, bowing out.  Adam tuned up nicely with all his players scoring well to end up with 213 in an old fashioned “team effort”.

D4 provides us with the heartache story of the weekend… you may recall Div 4 stalwart Andy B, my odds on favourite for the flag from round 1, drew with Sash last week but missed out on a spot in the grand final due to ladder position, Sash getting the nominal “win”.  Well, he took on Andrew P this week in the prelim and it was another thriller.  Both forward lines fires, but Andrew P took a small advantage, 10 goals to 8, the mids nullified each other , Andy B took the tackle advantage 7-1 to be seemingly home with Gawn to come, but big Maxy had a shocker, handing Andrew P a ruck advantage… it was all coming down to Sidebottom needing 28 for Andrew P to win in the late game… He scored 27, a DRAW, a quick look at the ladder and it was enough for Adrew P (2nd) to advance… So our man, Andy, has gone into the finals with a double chance, twice played off for a spot in the grand final – been undefeated in the finals, yet is eliminated with 2 draws to 1st and 2nd on the ladder. Unbelievable !! 

Finally this week saw the final of the eliminator where our two most consistent players, Frank T and Richo did battle.  Richo had never looked like going out whilst Frank did narrowly avoid elimination in round 7 but otherwise has been strong… The final did justice to their seasons with both again scoring well.  Kennedy gave Frank a lead, but Scott Selwood’s amazing form with yet another 13 tackles took Richo past him, eventually winning 200-190, and collecting his first ever “side comp” win.

Good luck to all playing in grand finals next week…  Amazingly if reserves grand finals go the “right” way, up to 23 players of the 40 entrants will collect some prizemoney this year  (Slightly boosted by 8 blokes getting $10 each for sharing 2nd in the tipping lol)

I might try and do a preview during the week if I get a free night – if anyone else wants to have a crack feel free….


Brief update this week given I'm days late having moved house over the weekend - hellish experience for anyone who hasnt had the pleasure as an adult....

In Div 1, Benny was the big winner, powering into his 4th division 1 grand final with a 17 point win over JAnith - his 10 goal forward line decisive as they have been for most of the season.... Janith will play Gavin next week for the right to challenge Ben after Gavin sent Raph out in straight sets with a 29 point win that was anyone's right down to the Sunday afternoon tackle off which Steele won for Gavin.

Div 2 and Uchitha earned his way into the grand final and promotion to the top flight with a 15 point win over minor premier Syd... In a tight game where both ruckman dominated it was Cheets' midfield stars that got him over the line.. Syd's last chance saloon will come against Juzzy after the season's luckiest player again kept his opponent (McRob) to a mediocre score.. Juz by 19 with Kennedy and Heppell crucial...

D3 and Tuddy took the honours in the big clash against Adam. Scott Selwood's 13 tackles leading Tuddy to D2 whilst Adam wasnt helped by Ben Brown being knocked out early in the game after Patton withdrew late, his powerful forward line reduced to just one... He'll want them back for next week's clash with Des who seems to have cast off his shadow from last year's merger and is peaking at the right time... Des smashed Parma by 8 goals with minimal trouble but will no doubt be worried this week, having not attended the midseason draft because "whats the point, Adam has the flag in the bag already".

To D4 and the game of hte round, perhaps not for quality but who doesnt love a close finish. Sash after 4 years of talking it up but not getting away from drafting outside the disabled toilets, needed a win over Andy B to earn the promotion he so craved... He was ruckless ad when Gawn got 52 for Andy he was a long way behind, but Oliver clawed him back with a 9-4 tackle advantage, Andy lost Fantasia early with 0.0 and suddenly it was a thriller, Andy needing 35 from MAtt Crouch in the late game to take the win... Crouch got 34, DRAW !! Sash however was the minor premier and goes through on the back of that higher ladder position. Andrew B will take on his namesake Andrew P in the prelim after P top scored for the week with 222 to earn a thumping 78 point win over Nick.

Finally for this week, the last 4 in the eliminator did battle with heavy weights UChitha and Adam still in the mix along with Richo and Frank whose seniors had long ended their seasons but were hanging around just for the eliminator... It was the underdogs prevailing with Richo (212) and Frank (200) getting the spots in the final. Uchitha (195) and Adam (189) will be disappointed to have gone under 200 at this stage of season given ADam topped the mark 11 of the last 13 rounds (not incl byes) whilst Uchitha was 9 of 13. Both lost key forwards early in their respective games which made it hard.

Thats it for this week - normal service should resume next weekend. Note Sash and Parma, I'lll send you your reserves players tomorrow night.


Finals time, when reputations (and in this game, money) are made…

Div 1 this week saw Raph, in form and challenging for premiership favouritism take on Janith in the qualifying final… Both forward lines misfired, Aaron Hall got Wij a slight midfield advantage and both rucks did well levelling each other out… so it was the tackling slot that would determine this one with Ebert v Sloane, number 1 and 2 on AFL rankings…  When Ebert only managed 5 on Saturday Janith would’ve been worried , but Sloane had a shocker for Raph (3) and Wij ended up 22 points clear….  He’ll take on minor premier Benny next week and will no doubt need more than 161. Raph will fight another day.

The elimination final pitted Kingy against Gavin…  Another game where position by position things were rather close but the defining stat in this game was the bag of 6 from Joe Daniher… As the only player in this match up to truly exceed their expectations he gave Gavin an advantage Kingy couldn’t overcome ad eventually it was Gavin by 19 pts.

To Div 2 where Uchitha, still smarting from losing the minor premiership in the last few minutes of round 18, took his revenge with a solid 199 to see off McRob.  Debutant ruckman Dawson Simpson and tackler Viney earnt him a 7 goal advantage in “the bottom two” that McRob couldn’t over come despite his 100 possession midfield.. 

In the D2 elimination final it was all Juzzy… Things didn’t start well for Ben losing Ablett pre-game, and Juzzy never looked back.  10 goals from Kennedy and Brown up front gave him a lead he never looked like losing and 45 from Ryder added the icing as he ran out 57 point winner….

To D3 and Tuddy v Parma… Neither forward line here made a meaningful contribution, and to be fair neither did the mids although Tuddy;s was more respectable than Parma’s 66 possession effort, but the real decisive match up here was Selwood v Selwood in the tackle off and when little brother Scott smashed his higher profile brother 9-0 to give Tuddy a stress free weekend…

In the elimination final Skeeter went in without a recognised ruckman so was always going to need someone to step up if he was going to cause an upset… His mids got the job done 91-63 to give him a sniff but 6 goals from Tom Hawkins made sure Des kept his run going for at least another week…


On the games of the week in the D4 qualifying final pitted the 2 Andrews against one another… Andy B looks the pick of the lot on paper with Buddy and Cameron up front and Gawn in the ruck all legitimate stars but Andrew P’s own big name forward Josh Kennedy outshone to give him a lead, and he also took the tackles to be right in contention, but it was Max Gawn who did the job – despite getting relegated in D 1 2 and 3, he stepped up in the D4 final with 52 to get Andy B over the line. Andrew wont want me reminding everyone he had Stefan Martin in his 2s (50 hit outs) but opted for Pruess…. Match changer right there.

The eliminatipon final in D4 was something of an upset with Nick B writing himself off on Friday but ending Spence’s topsy turvy season quite comfortable in the end. Tom Hawkins’ 6 goals were decisive, whilst Spence losing Kennedy for only 14 touches was costly… In the end Spence was still alive right up until Libba flopped with 3 tackles to end his hopes…

Plenty of action in the side comps this week too…. The eliminator saw Frank T (211) Adam (206) Uchitha (199) and Richo (191) advance at the expense of McRob (172) and Ben R (159)… whilst in the cup , Adam completed a shocking week for McRob knocking him out 206-172 and Juzzy went big with 216 to knock Richo out (191) – sums up Richo’s season really, scoring well but no reward..

That’s it for this week – 4 players standing in each division, but if you count reserve and side comps there are 24 players still with a live chance at a prize..


What a final round…. Last minute results in all divisions that impacted finals, relegations, minor premierships….  Plenty of big individual performances but overall a low scoring week (Ave 170) possibly impacted by some big outs during the week… OF those that did play Kennedy and Brown both kicked 6, Tom Mitchell again topped the mids with 37, joined by Ward and Ross., Ryder’s 48 led the rucks and Priddis with 12 reminded us all why he is the number one tackler of all time…

So where to start…

Div 1 I suppose where top played 2nd in what might be a preview to a more important game in coming weeks but this week was something of a dead rubber with ladder positions locked in.. For what its worth ,2nd (Raph) got the job done after Benny had a bit of a shocker…

The next game saw Janith needing a win to secure a  double chance for finals playing Loaf who needed a win to be certain of avoiding relegation… Loaf’s bomber forwards seemed to give him the edge but Ebert’s 11 tackles got Janith back in front.  Loaf needed only 22 from Gaff and LeCras but they failed miserably and Janith secured his double chance.

Kingy v Simon was a grand final rematch from last year but the stakes were very different here.  Simon was 9th and needed a win to have any chance of staying in Div 1 -Kingy was on the edge of the 5 and hanging on to a spot in the finals…  Things were delicately poised half way through but Simon’s GWS trio all had ordinary games and he was gone long before Bryce Gibbs went missing… Kingy moves to 4th whilst Simon moves to Div 2.

Gavin and Frank was another game with plenty on the line.  Gavin was hanging on to a spot in the 5 and seemingly needed a win to play finals whilst Frank was right in a relegation dog fight, needing a win to survive.. Ryder and Hibberd have Frank a good edge early and when Gavin couldn’t find an above average game from any of his players it was enough for Frank to run away easily and secure his spot for next year.  Gavin was left hoping Mat would get beat to stay in the finals.  Not likely with Mat playing Nicko…

But Nicko, with nothing to play for and relegated a month ago, did the job for Gavin…  His forwards kicked 10 goals between them, the rest of his team was serviceable and Mat just couldn’t compete, losing his last chance at finals when Zorko couldn’t go big in the late game  (Bris v Carl, under 50 tackles per team, wow).

Div 2 and the real action here was at the top, with 1st and 5th spots very much up for grabs… At the top Uchitha was taking on Juzzy needing a win to secure his minor premiership pay cheque… HE notched up 211 and continued the fine form that had him top but ran into an inspired Juzzy who was 5th and hanging on…  Juzzy got 15 goals from his forwards, a big game from Ryder in the ruck and ended up with a finals berth securing score of 243.

The first side that could’ve benefitted from Uchitha’s slip up and gone top with a win was McRob, who took on Ben in another finals prelude… From the minute Hooker kicked 4 goals in a quarter it never looked likely as Ben ran away pretty comfortable winner by 38 pts

The Juzzy-Uchitha result had big repercussions on some others too, suddenly Richo who would’ve thought he could make it with a win was no chance, whilst Syd was now a chance to go top if he could beat Richo… IT was a thriller worthy of the drama of taking top spot and after Scott Selwood got Richo ahead, Syd was in trouble… But his forwards got a small advantage, Longer got the job done and in the end he needed 24 from Docherty to go top.. HE got exactly that and won by a point.. Syd top.  Richo out.

The other games in D2 were dead rubbers with teams already out of contention and relegation spots sorted.  Relegated Michael took a late scalp knocking off Davo who had an absolute shocker… That his seniors lost to his reserves by 78 points would make you think he tanked but wasn’t the case, whilst Shannon capped a luckless season with a narrow victory over Steesh who must be glad this year is over…

To Div 3 where again results went mostly to script – seems a theme in the 3rd division with the ladder relatively unaffected by this round.

At the top Adam notched another 200+ score, led by Ben Brown he saw off Nudge who put up a good fight but didn’t quite have the weapons..  That loss condemned Nudge to relegation, a common theme amongst the D1 D2 and D3 owners of the number one draft pick and Max Gawn….  Who still wants the number one card when next year’s draft is about to start?

Nudge’s loss meant Red had little to worry about, which was quite lucky as he struggled against Parma from the beginning when Selwood took a 9-4 Friday night tackle advantage…  From there things were pretty even but 3rd ranked Parma tuned up for finals with a 15 point win.

2nd ranked Tuddy was less impressive in his finals tune up, but did see off Mitch whose campaign has petered out in recent weeks…  Scott Selwood the difference.

Other games saw Skeeta secure his spot in the 5 courtesy of a win over Des who was already locked in… They will do battle again next week and Skeeta would have to be reasonably confident – although looking down their team lists there is plenty of upside for both – Des will be bemoaning Gibb’s shocker which cost him the game.

Probably not as upset about it as Frank… Frank could’ve slotted in to 5th had Skeeta got beat so lost more from Des/Gibbs going down than Des did.  Frank did what was in his control, taking care of Sam easily with Josh Kennedy and a dominant midfield kicking him to a 52 point win, but his weekend was most likely spent paying more attention to Skeeta’s plight than his own…  Sam meanwhile takes the wooden spoon.

Finally, to Div 4.. The minor premiership was literally battled for by Sash and Andrew P who played each other… With the prize on the line, things were ticking along with nobody really starring until the Eagles game on Sunday when both players turned it on.  Andrew got 6 goals out of Kennedy to get his hopes up, but Sash fought back through 12 Priddis tackles.  In the end, this proved decisive and Sash moved top with a 200 score and 4 goal win.

The 3rd place double chance was also up for grabs this week with Andy B just needing a win over Piglet to ensure it was his.  12 goals from his forwards made sure this was never in doubt and my early season premiership tip tuned up for finals with a big 210 and easy victory..

The last couple of spots in the finals were still up for grabs here with Nick B on 10 wins in 4th leading Spence and Dean J both on 9 wins but in striking distance… Dean needed a big win over Nick to close the percentage gap and whilst he got the 4 points, courtesy of a solid midfield and ruck advantage, it wasn’t enough to overtake Nick.

This meant he needed Spence to get beat, but this was never likely with Spence taking on the very reserves-focussed Damo… Spence cruised through untroubled and took 5th spot leaving Dean just out of the finals despite his recent 7 game winning streak.  If it’s any consolation to those who despise the impact of reserves stacking, Damo’s 2s did barely any better and Spence would’ve won, whatever combo he threw up…

The final game saw Blues and Clayton end their campaigns… Blues has improved strongly in his second season, looking a big finals chance until he lost his last 4 games, this week going down to Clayton  who was inspired by the Ben Brown bag of six… Clayton’s 4th win in his debut season was enough to leapfrog Damo and avoid the wooden spoon, a deserved result for the latest graduate of the Sash-academy…

Finally for this week, we look at the eliminator where the last 8 teams clashed… 4 of them kicked safely clear with 199+ whilst the other 4 looked shaky.. In the end Richo (167) and McRob (161) did enough to see off Tuddy (158) and Ben D (152) who perish..  The final 6 will continue on next week.

Whilst on side comps, the knock out cup semi-finals are played next week (round 19).  Richo and Juzzy will do battle in one semi whilst McRob and Adam clash in the other… 

Finally, quick reminder on some rules for finals time, particularly re the reserves:

  • If you have a reserves game, but no senior game, on any given week you can only play “qualified” players.  Qualification is based on the player playing as many or more reserves games than senior games during the season…
  • IF your seniors are playing in a cup or are still in the eliminator, then that counts as “playing” and you can pick teams as normal
  • I will let you know who your qualified players are by Wednesday night of any week when it is relevant.. They will also be on the website under “squads” as I do them.
  • Any questions sing out.

That’s all for me, for those who have bowed out, thanks for your efforts this year.  The comp has run as smoothly as ever so thank you for your contributions to that… For those in finals, burn in hell, no , just kidding I’m not that bitter (I might’ve been if I’d been relegated – Andrew Gaff and Mark LeCras may have needed security leaving Melbourne), good luck to all….


The penultimate round and it through up plenty of drama, some close ones decided late, some finals hopes dashed, and a couple of minor premiership prize cheques secured……  On the fields, it was mostly the big names getting the job done in a relatively low scoring week overall (Ave 177).  Up front Dangerfield was the surprise winner with 5 whilst usual suspects Daniher, Walker, Franklin and J.Reiwoldt all got 4, Mitchell (43) Ablett (41) and Martin (40) led the mids, Kruezer’s 50 was the ruck standout whilst old timers Jack and Swallow led the tacklers with 11….

To the fantasy world, and in division 1 Benny secured the minor premiership with a comfortable 50 point win over Mat.  His forwards eared a 9.8 to 2.9 advantage and the rest of his team all did their jobs for an easy win….  Lead challengers Raph and Janith both slipped up to leave Benny well clear… Raph went down to Simon whose big win keeps his hopes of avoiding relegation alive whilst Janith went down to Gavin who also took plenty from the win, most importantly a spot in the top 5…  Elsewhere Kingy took the chocolates against Frank to move to 4th and end Franks finals hopes, whilst Loaf managed to avoid an upset from Nicko after being in trouble for most of the weekend…

To Div 2 where we have a change at the top… McRob stumbled with a fortight to go and lost to Juzzy by 5 goals, a massive result that catapults Juz back into the 5 but more importantly opened the door for Uchitha to go top.  He took the opportunity with a narrow win over Richo who will bemoan Jarryd Lyons going down before half time for the suns (even if it gifted Collingwood a win)..  Other games saw Syd notch another 200 and condemn Michael to relegation – Syd started the year 0-4 (almost like his Swans) but has won 11 of 13 since..  Ben also topped 200 against a relegated side and took the points comfortably against Steesh whilst in the final game of the round Davo and Shan fought out a thriller, with Dave needing 35 from Gaff and getting exactly that to win by a point, ending Shan’s finals hopes in the process, and giving him his 4th loss by under a goal for the season…. 

In D3, all 5 games went to the higher team on the ladder, which was enough for Adam to stay 6 points clear and secure the minor premiership.   He didn’t do it without nervous moments though as going into the last game scores were near on level with Priddis v Gaff to come.. Gaff’s 35 getting Adam home…  The log jam on this table is for the last 2 spots in the 5 where Des’ loss leaves the door open for chasers… Skeeta moved to 5th with a solid victory over Sam, Frank notched 200 to climb to 6th at Red’s expense, whilst Mitch dropped to 7th unable to upset Parma whose comfortable win has him locked into 3rd place and a double chance…  Final game saw secod placed Tuddy beat Nudge and leave him in the bottom 2 going into next week, but not relegated yet, needing a win and for Red to go down to avoid the drop…

Finally to D4 where the top 2 again showed how they got there.  AndrewP bounced back from last week’s shocker with a round high 224 to smash Dean by 87 pts, ending his lengthy winning streak….  Sash got 212 of his own to beat Clayton and keep the pressure on the race for top…  Elsewhere Andy B was lucky to be playing Damo’s twos or he would’ve gone down, but as it was he had a comfortable win, whilst Nick B kept alive his double chance hopes with a narrow win over Piglet I a game that wast over til very late.. Piglet needed 39 from Gaff (who was involved in 4 close ones this week) but “only” got 35 – good news for Nick.  Finally Spence and Blues clashed with massive consequences.. winner jumped to 5th, lose drops to 7th… Spence took the points and Blues must be wishing he’d moved Dangerfield forward…  (easy to say when he is injured you all think, but with a midfield of Mitchell Merrett and Treloar often keeping Danger out of his side, and no forwards (even before this week Danger was comfortably his leading goal kicker), I’ve often thought he should consider it… this week just would’ve been the icing on the cake)…

Eliminator bar came back down a bit this week with a couple of shockers… Dean J’s 137 the worst of them, with Mat on 156 joining him… 8 players left, good luck to all…

That’s it for this week.  Plenty on the line next week with 27 still dreaming of finals, and most of the others still worrying about relation, there shouldn’t be too many dead rubbers !!


What a round, thrillers aplenty in AFL & FF leagues…. Big scores, plenty of goals (the average was back up to pre bye level of 188), and major repercussions for those who dropped the baton…  On field goal kickers were led by Patton, Membrey, Fantasia , Dixon and Rohan who all kicked 5, Tom Mitchell and Dangerfield (39,38) again topped the mids, Ben McEvoy’s 53 was the best of the rucks, whilst Zorko’s 12 topped the tacklers…

In D1 this provided some unbelievable results… Last week Mat went back to back draws in something I thought was unprecedented. A week later Franky has done same thing (and GWS too for good measure) after he needed 40 from Paddy Ryder to upset Raph and got 39… Still, shjaring the points moves him away from the bottom 2 and keeps this finals hopes alive.  At the top Benny was untroubled in dispatching Loaf, whilst Janith was equally comfortable in his win over Nicko.  The other 2 games saw 4 200 + scores… Kingy topped the charts with a big 224 to upset the luckless Gavin and knock him out of the top 5 despite Gavin scoring 205 of his own… Interestingly 2nd and 3rd on points for both now sit out of the 5 with a fortnight to go… Finally, Simon would’ve thought a big 200 mightve been enough to climb out of the bottom 2 but it wasn’t to be, Mat led by Zorko getting the job done with 217 to take the win and end his draw streak…

Div 2 and ladder leader McRob flexed his muscles with a big 241.  McEvoy/Zorko isn’t the scariest ruck tackler combo we’ve seen but 101 points between them did the job over Richo who was unlucky with 206 of his own.  Uchitha kept the pressure on our ladder leader, scoring 207 to beat Michael by a goal.. Huge result for Michael who now needs everything to go right from here to avoid relegation after not only losing, but 3rd bottom Davo took a win to move clear, seeing off Steesh in a game that was close all weekend til Charlie Dixon got the job done late.  Elsewhere Syd scored well in beating Shannon but not as well as his own reserves who managed 195 whilst Be did enough to see off Juzzy in a crucial game to both’s finals hopes.  Ben leapfrogs from 6th to 4th with Juzzy dropping out of the 5.

Again in Div 3 the top sides flexed their muscles with the top 3 all topping 200 and all winning comfortably… Adam’s 234 all but secured him the minor premiership and thumped Sam in the process, 12 goals from his forwards setting things up nicely.  Tuddy with 201 took the points against Des in a tight one, whilst Parma managed 219 in easily dispatching Frank… 107 possessions from his mids the key to the big score.  The other games saw Nudge and Red both score crucial wins In their respective relegation battles, with Nudge upsetting Mitch and Red shocking Skeeta.. Interestingly Skeeta by virtue of lower margin leapfrogged Mitch into 5th spot on percentage despite his loss.

Next up we go to D4 where ladder leader Andrew P had a shocking weekend and left the chasing pack full of confidence.  He only managed 146 which ironically was almost enough against Piglet whose own 149 took the points in a low scoring battle.  The chasers however were much more impressive…  2nd placed Sash scored 224 to knock Blues out of the top 5 whilst Andy B’s 237 was enough to beat Spence pretty comfortably despite Spence scoring a solid 200 of his own…. Elewhere Nick got 200 as well to hold 4th spot and see off Damo whose focus is squarely on the reserves, whilst Clayton couldn’t manage an upset against Dean, who entered the top 5 for the first time as his winning streak hit 7…

Next we go to the eliminator where the top 10 was determined.. Not there are Loaf (168) and Andy P (146) whose solid seasons faltered as the whips started cracking….. 

Finally, the knockout cup where it was quarter finals week…  The big scores were in the top half of the draw where McRob’s big 241 eliminated Div 2 rival Uchitha who only managed 207…  Adam’s 234 was enough to end Gavin’s campaign despite his 205  (Adam certainly peakig for cup rounds with a cup average score of 232).  The other 2 quarters saw Richo 206 def Shannon 155 and Juzzy 180 show that Juzzy-luck also works I the cup, defeating Piglet’s 149.  The semis in round 190 will see McRob v Adam and Richo v Juzzy.

That’s all for this week – 2 rounds to go and all minor premierships are still up for grabs, only 2 of the 6 relegation spots are confirmed, and 32 of the 40 teams are still a shot for finals… Good luck to all but my oppoinents over the next fortnight as my attention turns from finals to avoiding relegation !!!


Quick report tonight, not because both my fantasy team and Essendon let me down again and I dont want to talk footy any more, but because I've had a big weekend and need sleep....

Another tough round, average score 173 (even lower than last week) with omissions (Priddis, S.Selwood, Libba, Garlett and Beams) late withdrawals (J.Selwood, Greene, Menzel) and early injuries (Sandilands) again causing a problem. Again, some unheralded stars - Jack Steele's 17 tackles, Billy Longer's 48 hit outs and Michael Walters 6 goals all topping their positions... Dangerfield was less of a surprise in the mids with 45...

Div 1 and another contender for upset of the year with 2-12 Nicko knocking over 11-3 Benny in a thriller - Danger the difference... Raph took advantage of Sadilands going down to beat Gav in a low scorer that leaves him equal top... Kingy clicked into top gear to upset Janith, Simon notched another win to keep his chances of avoiding relegation alive, beating Loaf on the back of a strong forward line, whilst hte other game saw Mat endure his second draw in a row and 3rd of the year -unable to be seperated from Frank at 183 apiece.

Div 2 and more upsets and another draw with wooden spooner Steesh managing to take 2 points off Juzzy in a game that was locked close together all weekend. At the top Uchitha went down again, flogged by SHannon who dropped Koby Stevens despite his 15 tackles last week and replaced him with JAck Steele who got 17 (if you want next weeks lotto numbers, his email is on the website)... McRob pounced on top spot with a strong win over Michael that couldve been stronger had he not played 6 goal forward, Walters, in his mids... Other games saw Syd edge Davo in a low scorer and Ben beat Richo who was undefeated whilst away but lost his first game back (might want to reintroduce outsourcing on this team selections?)

Div 3, another draw ! This time it was 2nd (Tuddy) v 9th (Sam) in what shouldve been a mismatch but Sam dragged Tuddy down to his level and they ended at 143 each.. At the top Adam got the job done despite Sandilands ijury, managing 188 without a ruckman to beat Red.. Parma and Des both topped 200 in their comfy wins over Skeeta and Nudge respectively, whilst the other game saw Frank get the points against Mitch...

Div 4- no draws - but we did have a 1 point ball game, with bottom side Clayton adding to the week of upsets by pipping PIglet and all but ending his finals hopes... Elsewhere despite being concussed and in hopsital when he did his team on Friday, Spence upset in form Sash by 50 points (dont be blaming Sadilands Sash, you got smacked anyway), Nick B continued the upsets pipping Andy B by 10, Dean got the job done against Blues extending his winning streak to 6 whilst Andrew P had an ordinary week but with Damo playing his twos he still got the points without much trouble.

The eliminator was all about big Sandilands with Sash (136) and Gavin (143) both feeling the pain....Only a dozen contenders left in this one...

Next week is the quarter finals of the cup... Gavin v Adam, Richo v Shannon, Juzzy v PIglet, and Uchitha v McRob battling for the semi final places !!!

That's it for this week - only 3 rounds to go so the jostling for position starts to get very serious now, whether it is minor premiership, double chance, finals, or just to avoid relegation that you are fighting for....


Editors's notes: For what it’s worth, my premiership tips are myself (7/1), Uchitha (16/1), Adam (30/1) and Andy B (6/1).  Approx 20,000/1 so if you are honouring multi bets mate, I’ll have a fiver on it.


Nicko – Pick one, Gawn. Forward line 4/10 (Needs Hogan to finally stand up). Mids 6/10 (Dangerfield then daylight). Ruck 10/10 (Nothing to say here Nerds). Tackler 7/10 (Merrett can also play mid). As per usual Nicko went the early crow with a smokies and then left the draft in a hurry leaving Andrew to struggle to read his writing. Prediction – Mid table / Relegation battle (Again). Odds 30-1

Franky – Pick 2, Goldy. Forwards 4/10 (Will Tomahawk deliver? Otherwise pretty weak). Mids 6/10 (Chopstix will play forward, Curnow n Jones serviceable). Ruck 9/10 (Goldy and then Ryder. Who will be elite at seasons end imo). Tackler 6/10 (Swallows best is in years past). All depends on Goldy going big and a few others standing up (but I can’t see them doing so). Prediction – Mid table / relegation battle. Odds 40-1

Gav – Pick 3, TurfToe. Forwards 4/10 (Joe the Goose is just that, Wingard injury plagued atm, Elliot needs sticky tape. Pretty weak overall). Mids 7/10 (Pretty decent depth here). Ruck 6/10 (Will Sandi go down? Imo – Early in the year, not much backup here). Tackler 8/10 (Shiels a star, Selwood great backup). Once again it all rests on Sandi. Prediction – Mid Table / Relegation battle. Odds 40-1

Ben – Pick 4, JJ Kennedy. Forwards 8/10 (On their week 20 goals doable, decent backup). Mids 6/10 (Not that strong). Ruck 4/10 (banking on BigBoy to have a big year, probably wont). Tackler 6/10 (Libba’s knee could go bang). Year rests on forwards kicking bags most weeks, possible. Prediction – mid table. Odds 25-1

Der Fuhrer Loaf – Pick 5, Mumford and Sons. Forwards 4/10 (Will Roughy get back to his old self? Weak otherwise). Mids 8/10 (Strong list). Ruck 8/10 (If he stays fit and not suspended for smashing c**** Mummy will be elite. Stuffed up drafting disabled Lycett). Tackler 8/10 (Priddis elite). Decent list Stu. Prediction – Finals bound. Odds 7/1

Jagger – Pick 6, Jacobs. Forwards 7/10 (Strong top 3. Falls away a bit). Mids 7/10 (Again pretty decent depth here). Ruck 8/10 (Banking on 5+ goals a game, great backup with Nankervis). Tackler 7/10 (Good numbers). Pretty decent list here Jag. Prediction – Finals bound. Odds 8/1

Simon – Pick 7, Buddy. Forwards 8/10 (Buddy to go bang this year. Good depth. Overall better than my forwards, Can see 10+ goals a week nearly every game). Mids 7/10 (Fyfe to get back to being numero uno). Ruck 6/10 (Naismith and Tippett can do your head in, betting on which one will be best). Tackler 6/10 (Good list. But there are only a few elite tacklers like the rucks). Depth is good here, if Simon does kick more than 10 goals up forward will win minor premiership and probably the flag. Prediction – Premier. Odds 5/1

Kingy – Pick 8, Lynch (Suns). Forwards 7/10 (Needs big Lynch to step up this year and kick over 70 but good depth overall). Mids 7/10 (Great depth). Ruck 6/10 (Needs Hickey to be number 1 all year). Tackler 8/10 (What movie will Rocky (Rockliff) dish out? Hopefully it’s not Rocky IV for Kingy). Good list will decent backup over all positions, just needs Lynch, Rocky and a few others to stay healthy. Prediction – finals bound. Odds 10/1

Mat – Pick 9, Stef Martin. Forwards 7/10 (Jerker Jenkins and Breust very handy). Mids 7/10 (Zorko will be a handful with his duality otherwise great). Ruck 7/10 (Apart from Stef it’s pretty average – but there are only 5 or 6 elite rucks). Tackler 6/10 (Will it be the Zorkinator?). Good draft results. Needs Stef to be elite. Prediction – finals bound. Odds 12/1

Raph (who along with Mat formed the powerful Magpie corner, slowing down the whole draft) – Pick 10, Dirty Grundies. Forwards 7/10 (Jezza will stand up, the teachers aide McCarthy can kick 50 odd as well). Mids 7/10 (great depth, few too many Pie grubs on list though). Ruck 7/10 (Another Pie grub with a former Pie worm as backup). Tackler 7/10 (Shock horror it’s not a Pie player ! I’m sure Raph will use one before seasons end). A good list. A very slow drafter is Raph. Prediction – Mid table. Odds 15-1


Michael – Pick 1, Gawn. Forwards 7/10 (Somehow snagged 3 decent players after getting the best bottom 2, decent backups) Mids 7/10 (Pretty decent depth) Ruck 10/10 (Nanners as backup for the Nerd smasher) Tackler 9/10 (Great depth). Has had a dream draft (on paper). Prediction – Premier. Odds 5/1

Davo – Pick 2, Goldy. Forwards 7/10 (Good depth. Needs Tomahawk to kick 50 plus) Mids 7/10 (Can see 80 points or more scored on regular basis here). Ruck 9/10 (Will Goldstein return to dominate like 2 years ago? Only 3 ruckman picked in squad is big issue)  Tackler 6/10 (Swallow is more a spitter these days). As previously stated about ruck stocks, rice paper thin if Goldy goes down. Prediction – mid table / Relegation. Odds 20-1

Lil Wij – Pick 3, Return of the Mummy. Forwards 6/10 (Pretty weak. Hogan needs to fire. Lil Rooey is more a decoy down forward) Mids 8/10 (Great depth here and a few out and out stars). Ruck 8/10 (Another with only the 3 ruckman selected, troublesome) Tackler 7/10 (Viney is strong, others Ok). Will be hoping Mummy stays fit all year. Prediction – mid table. Odds 16-1

Gargi – Pick 4, Sandi. Forwards 7/10 (Good depth with no stars). Mids 7/10 (Thin after Hanners and Steven) Ruck 8/10 (Jeez, 3 ruckman only – and Longer probably wont play). Tackler 8/10 (Great depth with Priddis and Coniglio). If Sandi goes down I can see Syd being relegated. Prediction – mid table / relegation. Odds 30-1

Swipe Right – Pick 5, Jacobs. Forwards 8/10 (Needs Tex and Bruce to kick more than 50 snag rolls for the year, decent backup). Mids 7/10 (As we saw last night, Dusty should dominate – but it was only Carlton ffs!! Great depth otherwise) Ruck 8/10 (Nice depth) Tackler 7/10 (Few great options here). Drafted like a pro. Prediction – Finals bound / Premier. Odds 7-1

BloodNut – Pick 6, JJ. Forwards 8/10 (Star studded list here) Mids 8/10 (Great depth with some guns) Ruck 7/10 (Ryder will dominate if he plays a lone hand, and should) Tackler 4/10 (A bit thin here mate, should be happy to get around 5 a week from someone). Has drafted pretty solidly (apart from a tackler of note). Prediction – Finals bound / mid table. Odds 12-1

Steesh – Pick 7, High School Hickey. Forwards 8/10 (Should be pretty stoked about who you got from spot 7). Mids 7/10 (Nice squad without any real guns, Mitchell is old and will probably get DVT on the redeye from WA). Ruck 7/10 (NicNat might come in handy around finals time, good depth mate, Pizza face Kreuzer is a star) Tackler 7/10 (Good squad to pick from). Has done pretty well from the 7 slot with great overall depth and backups. Prediction – Finals bound. Odds 9-1

McKnob – Pick 8, Buddy. Forwards 8/10 (Probably the best squad in Div2. Can Buddy ton up and Betts back up last year? Imo Yes). Mids 7/10 (Danger and Co. Should be around 90 points per week here). Ruck 4/10 (Achilles Heel. BigBoy needs a great year). Tackler 7/10 (Zorko – what are you doing this week? Is it goals, p’s or tackles). Great list overall. McRobs forward is scary good. Prediction – Finals / Mid table. 10-1

Guido – Pick 9, Jezza. Forwards 7/10 (Good depth here. Needs the Package to deliver more than getting lost in transit) Mids 8/10 (Very good depth and a few real stars on the list) Ruck 7/10 (Soiled Grundies to stay healthy, Tippett’s duality hurts) Tackler 7/10 (Young list who Shan has backed to star this year. Will they?). Decent list. Will be thereabouts. Prediction – mid table. Odds 12-1

Richo – Pick 10, Big Lynch. Forwards 6/10 (Apart from pick 1, pretty slim. Cloke will be a decoy this year) Mids 7/10 (Good squad with some great players). Ruck 8/10 (Stef and then Witts. Talented picks) Tackler 7/10 (Good depth. Needs Rockliff to tackle like in years past and stay on the park). Stock standard draft night from the 25 year veteran FF’er. Prediction – Mid table / Finals. Odds 10-1


Nudge – Pick 1, Gawny. Forwards 7/10 (At times will perform with Bruce being the standout) Mids 8/10 (Great depth with a few guns) Ruck 10/10 (Off you go Nerds! Handy backups) Tackler 7/10 (Parker will go large playing on the swamps of NSW). Solid draft overall. Prediction – Finals bound. Odds 10/1

Red – Pick 2, Goldberg. Forwards 7/10 (Jerker being the standout. Didn’t Mcginnity retire? At least it wasn’t Gary Jack) Mids 7/10 (decent list) Ruck 9/10 (Good backups for Goldy as well). Tackler 8/10 (Rockliff to stay healthy). Great list with good balance over the 4 possies. Prediction – Mid Table / Finals. Odds 12/1

Skeets – Pick 3, BigMummy. Forwards 8/10 (Betts at rd3 a steal, good depth) Mids 8/10 (Another strong list to choose from) Ruck 9/10 (Tippett as backup with Lycett on sidelines for 10+ weeks could hurt). Tackler 9/10 (Shiels elite, great backup too). Great draft on paper Skeeta, good luck in the granny over the weekend mate. Prediction – Premier / Finals. Odds 6/1

Adam – Pick 4, Sandi. Forwards 7/10 (Very young forward line with the potential to destroy opposition) Mids 8/10 (Strong list with depth). Rucks 7/10 (Sandi already bandaged up before round 1, not good. When ruck stocks are thin the year can be long and soul crushing) Tackler 6/10 (Was looking at your list Adam and couldn’t see one (Ziebell?). Ruck and Tackler dilemmas could surface throughout the year. Prediction – Mid Table / Relegation. Odds 30-1

Frank – Pick 5, JJ. Forwards 8/10 (Kennedy and McCarthy a big duo, thin otherwise). Mids 7/10 (Decent strength) Ruck 6/10 (I don’t rate Naismith and Vardy is talented but always injured, bit of a worry here) Tackler 7/10 (Good list to choose from). Hoping JJ and co kick bags most week could be enough to snag a finals spot? Prediction – Mid Table. Odds 15-1

Big Tuddy – Pick 6, Jacobs. Forwards 8/10 (Great depth here. Handy if Dixon kicks a few) Mids 7/10 (Good list) Ruck 8/10 (Decent backups on list). Tackler 8/10 (Statue of Libba-Tee, what’s with the dodgy Vietnam tat?). Awesome list. Prediction – Premier / Finals. Odds 7-1

Des – Pick 7, Priddis. Forwards 7/10 (Needs Tomahawk and Roguhy to kick over fiddy) Mids 8/10 (Great depth) Ruck 8/10 (Snagged two first rucks, Ryder to join the elites) Tackler 8/10 (Falls away after number one pick). Demerging from Mitch has had a good draft. Prediction – Mid Table / Finals. Odds 13/1

Mitch – Pick 8 (LOL sitting next to his old partner. Was bound to happen) Stef Martin. Forwards 7/10 (Good picks without a star) Mids 7/10 (Some old and wonky legs on the list, need to stay on the park) Ruck 7/10 (Archie to backup Stef but other 2 are LTI listed). Tackler 6/10 (Coniglio and Greenwood to miss weeks) Has had a good draft as a stand alone entity (David Hayes and Tom Dabernig? Or Jesus n Judas? Time will decide who has bragging rights. Prediction – Mid Table. Odds 15-1

Sam – Pick 9, Hide the Hickey. Forwards 7/10 (Lynch to stay fit and kick 70 plus would be ideal) Mids 8/10 (Strong list to chose from, well done) Ruck 7/10 (Slightly weak, missed out on Longer as backup to Hickey. Nicholls, Phillips and Tripod Majak wont see much playing time imo) Tackler 7/10 (OK depth away from Viney). Hmm, toss a coin job. Potential list to be a world beater. Could turn ugly though. Prediction – Mid Table / Relegation. Odds 25-1

Parma – Pick 10, Dirty Undies. Forwards 9/10 (Franklin in round 2 just to take the piss I’m sure. Good depth afterwards). Mids 8/10 (Awesome depth here as well). Ruck 8/10 (PizzaFace Kreuzer (backup) close to being elite at seasons end if he plays whole year, he is a beast). Tackler 7/10 (Only possible weak position I can find which was hard, ffs). I think it has to be Parmas year, surely. But Im sure 5 or 10 of his players will be struck done with injuries, drug scandals and car crashes throughout the season. Keep those fingers crossed. Prediction – Finals / Premiers. Odds 5-1


Andrew B – Pick 1, Gawn. Forwards 8/10 (Magic act to snag Buddy with the 20th pick, very strong squad). Mids 7/10 (Quality list) Ruck 10/10 (Got Spencer to back up the big fella too) Tackler 8/10 (Few great players to choose from). Such a strong overall list, well done! Prediction – Premier / Finals. Odds 6-1

Nick B – Pick 2, Goldenbergstein. Forwards 8/10 (Another with some great players) Mids 8/10 (Top 3 are elite, average otherwise). Ruck 9/10 (Cupboards are full here with three other first rucks to choose from should Goldy go down (Tripod as backup too) Tacklers 7/10 (Needs Rockliff to play close to whole year, someone else could pop up). Wow! Another great squad. Prediction – Premier / Finals. Odds 7-1

Flappers – Pick 3, Mummy. Forwards 6/10 (Pretty decent list, Rooey getting injured hurts but was chosen as 5th forward). Mids 7/10 (Getting Cotchin (he did win a brownlow right?) so low was great, good list). Ruck 9/10 (Weak after Mumford, other three rucks wont see much action apart from Leuenbooger – Go McKernan!). Tackler 6/10 ( Relying on Old man Thompson (Pick 2 wtf??) who probably wont travel much). Could be a smokie, probably wont though. Prediction – Mid Table / Relegated to drafting in disabled toilets next year (lolz sorry Flappers) Odds 30-1

Dean J – Pick 4, Jacobs. Forwards 5/10 (Not overly strong, will get murdered here most weeks). Mids 6/10 (Again no standouts but someone could turn into a gun). Ruck 8/10 (Only the 3 rucks picked will sting, Longer and Bellchambers will hardly play imo) Tackler 8/10 (Shiels a star, Sloane is great backup). Will be banking on the bottom 2 positions to catch up and overtake most weeks. Can’t see it happening more than it will. Prediction – Low / Mid Table. Odds 40-1

Sash – Pick 5, Sandi. Forwards 7/10 (Rooey already busted up. Serviceable backups, Joe the Goose must step up) Mids 8/10 (Strong squad to choose from) Ruck 8/10 (Look if he stays fit he’s elite, hasn’t happened for 3+ years now. He will only play half the year imo. Has good backups in Witts and Naismith) Tackler 8/10 (Soul Glo Priddis elite). Sash has drafted well. His table etiquette needs attention (could hear him slagging off a few others over on DivOne table) Prediction – Finals bound. Odds 10-1

No Train station Clayton – Pick 6, Cover up your Hickey. Forwards 7/10 (McCarthy at pick 10 will do well this year. OK otherwise) Mids 7/10 (Will Neale have another belter year? Cripps at pick 3 a rookie mistake, Carlton fan I take? Bit thin list). Ruck 7/10 (Hickey got smashed by Gawn on Saturday, needs to bounce back. Gawn will destroy most opposing rucks this year though. Kreuzer will be elite if healthy. Only 3 rucks is troubling though) Tackler 7/10 (Selwood great. Go Lin Jong !) Pretty decent squad here. Prediction – Mid table. Odds 15-1

Spence – Pick 7, Paddy Ryder. Forwards 8/10 (Betts and Jerker will kick more than 60 in 2017. Thin otherwise). Mids 8/10 (Few stars here) Ruck 7/10 (Vickery as no2 ruck is troublesome. NicNat back for finals helps) Tackler 7/10 (Libba at pick 10 a steal if he gets back to his elite year a few seasons ago – 14 on Friday night should set the tone nicely). Awesome list here, should go very close to climbing to div3. Prediction – Premier. Odds 5-1

I’ve got the Midnight Blues – Pick 8, Need some new Grundies. Forwards 4/10 (Heeney at pick 10 was the first forward I could find, umm yeah, problematic) Mids 9/10 (5 guns on the squad, catch up time) Ruck 7/10 (Only 2 picked, stay healthy, please?) Tackler 7/10 (Will rely on a committee which can do your head in, needs someone to stand out). Will have to catch up most weeks with the lack of forwards. With an elite midfield will do this for most of the year. Will it be enough to win more than lose? Time will tell. If a few go down could be a long year. Prediction – Bottom Half of the table. Odds 35-1

Andrew P – Pick 9, Big Stef. Forwards 8/10 (JJ in the 2nd round and Tex in the 5th, bargains aplenty) Mids 8/10 (Good list to pick from. Dusty to win Brownlow in a Tigers flag year, go you good thing). Ruck 7/10 (Will be praying Martin doesn’t get hurt with subpar backups. Archie Smith as a foil helps) Tackler 7/10 (Viney a star, a few other handy types). Great squad, good balance here. Prediction – Finals. Odds 12-1

Damo – Pick 10, Tippett. Forwards 7/10 (5 forwards, counting Tippett here as well in first 6 picks, but no out and out stars) Mids 6/10 (Taylor Adams so low will be beneficial, few other good players) Ruck 6/10 (Tippett questionable. Zac Smith and McKernan number 1 rucks atm which helps) Tackler 7/10 (Swallow needs a big year, average otherwise). Pretty decent list but selecting 6 forwards in top 10 might hurt the other positions if injuries present. Prediction – Mid Table. Odds 20-1