Key Dates

Draft Night - Monday March 19, 2018
Money Due - Sunday April 15, 2018
Midseason Draft - Monday May 21 or Tuesday May 22, 2018



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Round 4 now complete and what did have in store for us… Lower scores across the board despite some big individual efforts, plenty of floggings in the AFL.  Max Gawn was the standout with 66 hit outs, Liam Shiels’ 14 tackles was almost as good, Benny Brown, Daniel Menzel and Josh Kennedy led the forwards with 5 (honourable mention Dustin Martin kicked 6, but nobody used him forward), whilst a rare Tom Mitchell flop (24) let someone else win the midfield for a week – Steele Sidebottom’s 43 taking the win.

In D1 this meant very little change at the top with Uchitha and Raph winning again to hold on to their undefeated starts.  Uchitha looked in trouble until SHiels brought him home strong to deny Kingy who would’ve likely won had he got a ruckman on his list… Raph saw off Loaf by 8 points in a tight one that swayed all weekend, Loaf looked good til 2 late goals from Roughead took Danger’s required target from 22 to 34 and he couldn’t get it done.  Gawn inspired Janith to a 3 goal win over Simon, Gavin returned to form after last week’s bad one with a 84 point smashing of Mat whilst stalwarts Syd and Ben played out a thrilling clash that was only settled when Scott Selwood’s 9 tackles in the late game weren’t quite enough to get Ben the points.

D2 and again both undefeated sides won to stay that way, albeit in different ways.  Nicko again relied on the traditional method of scoring well, whilst Justin continued his unique style of stifling his opposition…  Nicko won a thriller over Steesh 206-202 with Gawn for Nicko and Sheils for Steesh playing out a Sunday afternoon shootout… Justin’s win over Michael relied on the following Juzzy luck moments – Gray got 39 touches, didn’t kick a goal (could only happen against Juz), Richmond win by 15 goals but Riewoldt only kicked 1 (only against Juz), Witts rucks solo all day but only gets 17 (only against Juz)…   Elsewhere Ben had a strong win over Davo that was never really in doubt, McRob got the job done against Tuddy and Richo’s Collingwood midfield fired to see him past Yatesy easily…

In D3 what a week for Red… Not only did he win to go 4-0, all those behind him lost so this early in the season he is already 2 games clear of 7 teams all in equal 2nd – oh and he got Scott Selwood back and in form too… That gawn/Selwood combo will post some big scores this year, as Sash found out this week in a 211-176 scoreline.  Scores were not so impressive elsewhere, with Mitch, Parma and Nick all getting wins with scores on or under the weekly average of 164.. Menzel kicked Mitch clear late to pile more misery onto Dean who’s having a shocking start to the year, Nick’s 164 was plenty to smash Des by 7 goals, Oliver to tackler and Sidebottom into the midfield the key moves from Nick, whilst Parma was probably due some luck, notching a 146-137 win over Skeeta in an underwhelming cotests.  Finally, Frank continued his good run, cashing in on Bellchambers outscoring Stef Martin by 25 hit outs (WTF) to beat Andrew by 21 points….

Div 4 lost its last undefeated player this week with Cabbage crashing to a shock loss.  His 136 wasn’t befitting a ladder leader and DK took full toll, enjoying having a live ruckman this week to record a comfortable victory.  Damo moved top, the premiership favourite making his move early with 209 and a 90 point victory over Huntsman who spent the weekend out on a boat and probably won’t want to return…. Piglet was equally untroubled with a big win over Beamer who has either taken the unusual step of targeting the twos from round 4 (ordinary, if so) or made some bizarre selection decisions…  Elsewhere Blues won their third in a row, welcome back Josh Kennedy as he made the difference against Clayton, whilst last but not least, Willy’s top scored with 216 to record his first win, comfortably defeating Patrick by 10 goals.  A welcome change of luck given he scored well but lost in all 3 earlier rounds.

To the side comps.   Happier days for most tipsters this week with popular selections Nth (10 tippers, 86 point victory), WCE (8 tippers, 80 point win), Geelong (8 tippers, 47 pt win) and Richmond (6 tippers, 93 point win) all scoring well… Not so good for those that took Adelaide, Carlton, Sydney or GWS, none of whom really living up to expectations….  There was a change at the top where Nick B and Dean J over took Frank T. Frank had Geelong but dropped 2 spots as Nick had Richmond and Dean took West Coast.

In the eliminator, Mat with 114 and Huntsman with 119 departed the competition.  Mat’s forward line didn’t kick a goal between them, but his best midfielder had 17 touches and 6 goals – tough game sometimes….  Huntsman was away and outsourced his team selection – his proxy will not be getting a thank you message….

League in order remains the Raph show… 10 points in front of Piglet which seems a lot given there are 20 more tipsters within 10 points of Piglet chasing 2nd…..  IT seems rating Hawthorn and West Coast higher than most people has been the key to his success so far.

Hopefully all your money is in – I’ll check the account on Monday and issue any points penalties then.  Good luck next week – with the Anzac fixture mess (games on Tuesday and Wednesday), let’s hope they at least name extended squads on Friday…. (note: no changes to the rules as it becomes almost impossible to police / track, we are all in the same boat).


Round 3 is done and are things starting to take shape? Who knows... 6 teams remain undefeated and are feeling pretty good about themselves whilst 7 teams are winless and worried ! On the field, we saw Tom Mitchell top the possessions (again) with 40, Scott PEndlebury lead all tacklers with 12 (you'd have to be a genius to use him as tackler), MAx Gawn pip Stef MArtin 50-49 to top the rucks, whilst in a quieter week for forwards, JOsh Thomas of all people won the goals with 5 - of the more relevant, Roughy, Ben BRown, Junktime JAck and Levi all got 4.

To the fantasy games and Div 1 didnt produce much excitement this week with 5 games with combined margins of 300 points. Loaf's annihilation of Kingy by 124 pts topping the charts with 212. Kingy's a bit stiff as his top 4 draft picks and both his ruckman are injured, but his percentage of 57 is reminiscent of Fitzroy's last couple of years (look it up youngsters!). Uchitha and Raph maintained their unbeaten starts to the year with big wins over Gavin and Simon respectively. Strange game as Gavin and Simon both looked very good in the earlier rounds before this week's thrashings... Elsewhere BEnny bounced back from a bad day last week to notch 201 and beat Janith - something everyone enjoys - whilst Syd sent Mat to 0-3 with a comfortable 34 point win

To Div 2 where things were much closer - 4 games decided by 20 points or less and 2 by less than a goal.. We'll start with the thrillers where Davo needed 32 from Dangerfield in the last game to beat Richo.. 14 in the first half left him worried but the Cat got there late on to clinch a first victory for DAve. The other thriller saw McRob pip Ben R late. Ben was looking good til Ablett's hammy went ping and allowed McRob to get over him late on by 4 points... Elsewhere Juzzy and NIcko both went to 3-0 with solid wins. Juzzy (dont mention Juzzy luck every week, its not fair) kept his streak alive with a 171-151 win over Tuddy, whilst Nicko notched 188 to beat Adam. The final game of hte round saw Steesh comfortably beat Michael who goes bottom at 0-3 despite having the 4th most points for - harsh.

In Div 3 only 1 team remains unbeaten. Red is that team after his relatively comfy win over Skeeta in what was a battle for top spot..... The other previously unbeaten side, Des, lost his status with a narrow loss to Andrew who needed at least 2 points from JAmes Stewart to get the win and wouldve let out a big sigh of relief when the big Bomber got himself a goal just before half time. Other D3 clashes saw Mitch open his account with a narrow win over FrankT, whilst Sash beat DEan J easily enough in an underwhelming local derby... Finally, PArma topped the scorers for the division with 196 to comfortably beat Nick and open his account for 2018

To Div 4 where again only 1 team remains unconquered, Cabbage... Not the most intimidating of names but his 3-0 start suggests otherwise after a comfy win over Beamer.. Previous top team Patrick lost his unbeaten start when he ran into my premiership favourite Damo in ominous form.. 217 from Damian topped all scorers for the round and flexed his muscles as the ladder starts to take shape. Elsewhere Huntsman had little to worry about in seeing off DK who really needs a ruckman, Blues continues their impressive start with a solid win over Willy and Clayton pipped Piglet in the close one that was in the balance right up until LeCras goaled for Clayton at 28 minute mark of last quarter...

On to the side comps where there was plenty more action.... In the eliminator we lost DK (130) and Gavin (129). Interestingly last week we lost Dean J and Kingy who were the bottom 2 scorers again this week.... They seemingly have long seasons ahead.

The tipping comp was another week of misery for most.. 29 took Port who won, but only registered 5 points - not quite what the 29 tipsters had in mind... the big winners were Uchitha who took the PIes and not only got 24 points, but the benefit of not still having to find a week to pick Collingwood. DeanJ (Crows, 49 points) and Mitch/Raph/Nicko who took the Dees and got 37 will also be pleased with their efforts. Frank maintains his leads from Raph at the top.

The cup kicked off this week with 8 ties to see who joined the top 24 seeds in the 2nd round... BenD smashed DK to advance, whilst Raph, Parma and Huntsman all had big wins too. Steesh, Clayton, McRob ad Patrick were the others to make the round of 32.

Finally, the league in order, should settle down as the AFL ladder takes shape. Raph is the early leader by 8 points from Mat with Patrick in 3rd.

Thats it for this week - another nice FRiday to Sunday round next week so I'll be in touch Friday night with the teams.. Dont forget money is due next Sunday. Failure to pay on time will see ladder points docked. (if you've paid since last week, don't stress at it not being recorded on the website, I'll reconcile my account in coming days and send personal reminders to those who still owe)


Ok.  2 weeks down and are we any the wiser about anything that might happen this season?  I’m not sure, but on the field we are noticing some trends – more goals being the key one with 16 forwards averaging 3 goals a game – the dogs are crap – there are upsets a plenty and the dud sides might not be as bad as we expected (Suns, Hawks , Roos in top 5 anyone?)….  From a fantasy game perspective, we saw Laird and Mitchell both post 40+ touches again, Tom Lynch and Ben Brown topped the forwards with 8 and 6 respectively, obviously happier not to be playing in a cyclone this week, Witts and Gawn got 48 each in the ruck, whilst Josh Kelly (15) Liam Shiels and Devon Smith (13 each) were the tacklers you wished you had…

The end result of all this was some big scores, and we’ll start in div 1 where Simon topped the charts for the second week running, notching 234 to beat me by 5 goals… 207 just wasn’t enough for your disappointed columnist… Uchitha was the other one to go big, justifying my lofty predictions to score 226 and thrash Syd.  Gavin also topped 200 in demolishing Kingy by 15 goals whilst the other games were not as high scoring but had plenty of drama.  Raph beat Benny by 3 points despite Ben charging home late with McEvoy dominating the ruck today, whilst Jagger did enough to see off Mat by 17 points, solely thanks to a 48-1 hit out advantage.

Div 2 and I would love to talk about the big scores but first we need to address Juzzy luck again…week after week this inexplicable phenomenon strikes Juz’s opponent down rendering even the best sides useless – this week he took Ben down and YET AGAIN after a couple of rounds, the Juzzy defence (points against) is amongst the best across all 4 divisions.  If you wonder why I’m so bothered by this, Juz and I have scored the same amount of points this year, yet I’m 0-2 and near last and he is 2-0 and on top…  Jokes aside, Nicko and Adam joined Juz at 2-0 with solid wins.  Nicko came from behind to see off Richo with Tom Mitchell getting the job done in the Monday game whilst Adam beat Michael with minimal fuss,  A 63-8 forward line advantage the key.  Elsewhere McRob beat Davo in a high scoring encounter 214-191 whilst Steesh celebrated his 40th birthday with a comfy win over Tuddy, lets hope 40 is kinder to his team than 39 was…

In Div 3, the stars of the show were Frank and Red who both topped 210 easily.. Frank riding Lynch Witts and Zorko’s big games to dispatch Sash (bad week for Sash with his Tiges going down too… hopefully after a Div 4 / Richmond double this weekend might humble him a little bit.. who am I kidding !!!) whilst Red was untroubled in thrashing Nick.  At the top of the table however is Skeeta who backed up his round 1 victory with a 76 point demolition of Dean.  Other games saw Des also go to 2-0 with a tough win over Parma, whilst Andrew got the job done against Mitch who must be feeling a bit unloved by the gods, having scored 180+ both weeks but finds himself at 0-2.  Worse still, if he hadn’t swapped his tacklers over from last week he would’ve got the win !

To Div 4 where we have a wide open field.  Patrick goes top of the ladder, (with a fear inducing forward line of Castagna Petracca and Burgoyne… Unbelievable, but effective so far) after a tight win in a low scoring game against DK who suffered his first loss.  Joining Patrick at 2 and 0 is Cabbage who got the wood on Piglet early when Ben Brown kicked 6 and never looked back…  My early season flag favourite Damo had a shocker, only just getting 150 and getting thumped by Blues who posted 213 and demanded to know why they weren’t considered when my predictions were being completed !  Other games saw Huntsman score his first win at Beamer’s expense and Clayton see off Willy in a tight battle (Willy no doubt regretting picking Bellchambers (16) ahead of Grundy (45) in the ruck.

To the side comps where there was action aplenty. 

After 40/40 tipped a winner in round 1, thinks came crashing down this week with only 8 successful tippers – thank god for the new format says Benny !! Losses by popular picks StKilda, Dogs and Carlton saw plenty of negative scores and they weren’t exactly narrow losses either ,whilst those that tipped the Cats would be very disappointed with a -1 return.  NO such problems for Frank T who took Melbourne to go 27 points clear at this early stage.. Only 13/40 have scored positive points so far, and it will only get harder as the teams we each have left to pick from narrow down.

The eliminator victims this week were Kingy (115) and Dean J (109). Both had excuses with Dean losing his ruckman before the bounce and Kingy losing Matt Crouch very early in the game..

The league in order probably wont take any meaningful shape for a few weeks, but at this early stage Raph has opened up a little lead, 6 points clear of Piglet and Red.  Key to that seems to be he rated Hawthorn higher than most people and StKilda much lower… If those teams stay where they are, so will Raph !

Finally to the cup…  First round starts next week so be sure to send your team to your cup opponent as well as you league opponent.  Note top 24  seeds (based on points for over rounds 1 and 2) get a bye so it’s only 16 teams playing.  Most interesting ties seem to be Nick B v Clayton, a definite grudge match between mates, and Ben D v DK – a 25 year veteran and reigning Div 1 Premier taking on a Div 4 newcomer.. IF this was the FA cup this would be the TV game for sure…

That’s all I’ve got for you this week, other than couple of admin requests:

  • Payment due round 4 – failure to pay on time costs ladder points so don’t let your chances go down…
  • When submitting teams, please try to name players in correct order as per website  (forwards, mid, ruck, tackler, emergency).  I know it sounds pedantic but much easier for me when entering all the team changes to the site.  (also – no spreadsheets or attachments- just send the team in the email body please)

Thanks all – til next week…


Welcome to the first weekly update of 2018. After months of preparation, all those theories, ideas, and gambles either paid off (Charlie Curnow !  Nic Nat !) or crashed horribly (Libba !).  The biggest scorers were not surprising, Buddy lead the forwards (just like2017), Tom Mitchell lead the mids (just like 2017) and Big Sandilands lead the rucks (just like any time he stays on the park).  The tacklers bucked the trend with unlikely stars in Jack Graham and Nick Holman getting 13 each

In Div 1, the most impressive first up performance came from Simon who managed an impressive 228 on back of Buddy’s big haul.  Ironically Simon would’ve been relegated to D2 had the comp not suffered a withdrawal but that didn’t matter at all as he smashed reigning premier Benny by 70 points.   Uchitha and Syd also topped the 200 mark, Wij Jnr taking the first family derby in years whilst Syd saw off Kingy.  Elsewhere Gavin came home strongly to knock off Stu whilst Raph did enough to get past Mat.

In D2 it was Nicko who topped the charts, bouncing back from a horror 2017 to open his account with 225 and knock off Davo.  Davo will be relieved he lost by more  than 4 goals having forgotten Toby Greene and used Easton Wood as forward.. early “tool of the week” nomination Dad !  Richo got his campaign off to a good start with a solid 217 to see off Michael, whilst Ben also topped 200 in smashing Steesh whose 2017 form seems to have continued (despite seeming to have a much better team this time around).  Other games saw Adam knock off Tuddy and Juzzy show that his expert defence from last year is still firing, keeping McRob to 128 as Juzzy luck rolls on….

To Div 3 where I had assumed Sash scored 250 given his confidence when talking about his side, but no- was only 195 as he had a comfortable season opening win over last years D4 grand final adversary Andrew.  The top score came from Des whose 216 was enough to see off Mitch (for whom he did the draft), lets hope he wasn’t setting this up on draft night !  Red overcame Parma in a low scoring thriller, Dean J won a tight one against Nick who lost Ryder whilst Skeeta scored well and saw off my premiership selection, Frank.. come to think of it my D1 2 3 tips all got beat !

Now to D4 where with 6 debutants there was plenty of interest, but it was the experienced campaigners who topped the charts.  Piglet with 228 gave Willy an early lesson in what a cruel game this  can be, whilst Damo was untroubled by Clayton… Of the other newcomers DK was impressive managing 173 and an easy win despite losing Libba in the first 10  minutes, Patrick was untroubled by Beamer who seems to have forgotten to draft any forwards (trap for new players) and Cabbage (great name, great stitch up) opened his account with a hard fought win over Huntsman….

To the side comps – eliminator chopped Steesh in round 1 for second year running (112) and Beamer (125).  McRob was lucky with 128 to survive…

The league in order kicked off with 39 participants – Parma?? – whilst the ladder wont look much like it does now come round 23, the early leaders are Nick B and Piglet… They have a handy break over the field, what that means we will only know after a few rounds…

In the tipping those that took GWS (Frank, Huntsman and Nick B) were well rewarded with a 82 point start whilst those who got Port for 50 are probably happy too!! Amazingly all 40 tipsters got a win….Those that took Richmond (17 tippers) are probably disappointed with only 26 points, whilst 3 took the Swans which was an odd move whilst playing away, but they did get 25 for their bravery.. 9 others took the Suns and are last with 16 points, but don’t have to pick the Suns later on, so perhaps they are really the leaders?  Time will tell.

That’s all Ive got for you this week.   Hope you are all enjoying being back in the game.. 20 of you who won will be anyway.  Another Thursday game so get team in early !!!

Oh, finally – for those not following the facebook page, get on board –  it’s the easiest way to communicate with 40 of you at once, particularly with quick and small items.


Evening All,

7 days til draft night.  Hope your preparation is going well.

Had a few line up changes with the current sheet below.

Farewell to Nudge Shan Frank Spence Sam (5 FUCC premiership team mates, sad times) and Andy  (I’ll stop spamming you after this email I promise).

Welcome to 6 new recruits: Cabbage, DK, Willy, Beamer, Patrick and Huntsman.  If those that have introduced you haven’t fully explained the comp, check out the website ( which has a full rules list (mostly up to date) or drop me a line with any queries.

If for any reason, anyone else is not 100% confirmed to be participating (or if attending by proxy/phone, have teed up said proxy/calltaker) please let me know asap, as I will need time to sort out a replacement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Finally, not many takers on the supercoach league – code is below – I assume a lot of you have an entry so throw it in to avoid us getting left with a league topped up by randoms.

Cheers – see you all next Monday



It is that time of year again..  Hope you are all keen and ready to go.

Draft  -  Monday 19 March – Footscray United CC – 17 Scovell Cres, Maidstone.  7:30 start (So please plan to be there by 7:20)

RSVP  - Please let me know asap if you are playing this year  (also, if you have any one else who might be interested in joining).  If I don’t hear from you this week I will follow up as need to get organised asap.

Rules – no major changes.   We will have a vote on draft night on bye weeks (Reduced teams or full teams) as this generated considerable discussion last year.  Scoring system to remain unchanged.  I’ll cement the “partial lockout” into the rules given we have 7 Thursday games again.  Also, ruck “emergency” rule that worked well last year to be clarified and entered into the rules (may also discuss at draft implementing similar “auto inclusion” for other positions if people think it is preferable to the emergency system?)

Mid draft – to discuss on draft night.  With bye rounds shortly thereafter I still see benefit in topping up lists.  Whether there is a way to do it online (ie messenger chat ?) instead of all attending can be discussed.

Tipping comp – has varied slightly to keep people involved longer.  Will still run round 1 – 18 and you still need to pick a team each week (And can never pick same side twice) but rather than being elimination, you score the margin your team wins or loses by.  So round 1, I pick Essendon and we beat Adelaide by 10 points, I Score +10.  If you tip Adelaide you score -10… This way everyone stays in for the 18 rounds but the “one team a week” concept remains in play.

New side competition – I’m also adding a “league in order” competition.  Here you must predict the AFL ladder as at end of round 23 and closest to correct win… Scoring here is a lowest score wins, with points awarded for how far away you are… ie I tip Essendon to finish 2nd and they finish 4th I get 2 points.  I tip Collingwood to come 13th but they come 17th I score 4 points and so on.   League in order tips must be submitted with round 1 tips (or if you are organised, at draft night)

Cost/Prize – Cost unchanged at $100 due by end of round 4.  Prizes for premiers and runners up will remain unchanged – I’ll do some juggling of minor prizes to accommodate “league in order” money

Contact info:  my latest details are below.  When you rsvp, let me know if your details are current.

Finally, I’ve also set up a Stusfantasyfootball supercoach league for those looking for league/s to join –– code is 557626.