Qualification is based on minimum 16 games during fantasy football season - obviously best 3 averaging forward, top 3 midfielders, top ruckman and top tackler are selected....


The 2023 Fantasy Footy All Australian team is:

Fwd:    Taylor Walker (22.27) Charlie Curnow (22.13)  Nick Larkey (19.57)

Mid:     Tom Green (32.11)  Nick Daicos (31.25) Darcy Parish (30.83)

Ruck:  Jarrod Witts (39.24)

Tack:  Matt Rowell (33.04)


-  Jarrod Witts and Taylor Walker make the line up for the 3rd time in their careers – Walker a full 11 years after his 2012 selection..

- Charlie Curnow made it back to back.

- The other 5 players are first timers

Honourable mentions to Reilly Obrien (who missed by 0.5 hit out) and Toby Greene who was in after round 23, kicked 4 and still got overtaken thanks to LArkeys 9 goals in round 24.

Of last years team the demise of Sam Berry was swift, Tom Lynch missed most of the year, Rory Laird was very close again, coming 2nd in tackles and top 10 in the midfielder, whilst Cameron,  Walsh and Oliver all missed plenty of games but weren’t far off the mark when playing…

The "GOAT" fantasy football line up (based on most All Australian selections) is:

Fwd:  Lance Franklin (12 times), Matthew Lloyd  (5) , Tony Lockett  (4)

Mid:  Scott West (7 times) , Robert Harvey (7) , Gary Ablett Jnr (6)

Ruck : Aaron Sandilands (4)

Tack:  Tony Liberatore. (6)

Previous Seasons

2022 team:   T.Lynch,  C. Curnow,  J.Cameron, C.Oliver,  R.Laird,  S.Walsh,  J.Witts, S.Berry

2021 team:  H.McKay  T.Walker L.Franklin  T.Mitchell J.Macrae  O.Wines  B.Grundy  J.Steele

2020 team:  T.Hawkins, C.Dixon, J.Gunston, L.Neale, J.Macrae, Z.Merrett, M.Gawn, H.Greenwood

2019 team: J.Cameron, B.Brown, T.Lynch, A.Treloar, J.Macrae, M.Crouch, J.Witts, J.Steele

2018 team: L.Franklin, J.Riewoldt, T.Hawkins, T.Mitchell. J.Macrae, M.Crouch, M.Gawn, D.Smith

2017 team: JJ Kennedy, L.Franklin, J.Daniher, T.Mitchell, M.Crouch, Z.Merrett, S.JAcobs, R.SLoane

2016 team: JJ Kennedy L.Franklin  T.Lynch L.Neale  D.Hannebery  P.Dangerfield, M.Gawn,  M.Priddis

2015 team: JJ KEnnedy, J.Cameron, L.Franklin, S.Mitchell, D.Hannebery, JP Kennedy, T.Goldstein, T.Rockliff

2014 team: L.Fraklin, J.Roughead, JJ Kennedy, T.Rockliff, JP Kennedy, G.Ablett, A.Sandilands, T.Liberatore

2013 team:  T.CLoke,  L.FRanklin, J Roughead, D.Swan, G.ABlett, S.Pendlebury, W.Minson, J.Kelly

2012 team: L.Franklin, T.Walker, J.Riewoldt, D.Swan, G.Ablett. M.Boyd. S.Jacobs, A.Swallow

2011 team: L.Franklin, T.Cloke, J.Riewoldt, D.Swan, M.Boyd, S.Mitchell, T.Goldstein, S.Selwood

2010 team: L.Franklin J.Riewoldt B.Hall D.Swan G.Ablett M.Boyd A.Sandilands A.Swallow

2009 team: B.Fevola J.Brown N.Riewoldt G.Ablett D.Swan S.Mitchell A.Sandilands B.Kirk

2008 team: L.Franklin B.Fevola D.Bradshaw J.Corey G.Ablett S.Mitchell A.Sandilands D.Cassisi.

2007 team: J.Brown M.Pavlich L.Franklin K.Cornes J.Bartel D.Kerr D.Cox B.Kirk

2006 team: B.Fevola F.Gehrig B.Johnson S.West H.Scotland S.Goodwin B.Lade J.McDonald

2005 team: F.Gehrig M.Williams B.Hall S.West L.Hodge D.Cross P.Everitt B.Kirk

2004 team: F.Gehrig M.Lloyd M.Richardson S.West C.Fletcher J.Bowden P.Everitt B.Kirk

2003 team: M.Lloyd A.Lynch Ph Matera S.West N.Buckley P.Bell M.Gardiner B.Kirk

2002 team: D.Neitz B.Hall A.Lynch S.West P.Bell A.Simpson J.White T.Cook

2001 team: M.Lloyd M.Richardson D.Bradshaw P.Bell B.Cousins S.West P.EVeritt T.Liberatore

2000 team: M.Lloyd T.Modra S.Cummings N.Buckley S.West R.Harvey M.Allan T.Liberatore

1999 team: S.Cummings W.Carey M.Lloyd N.Buckley S.Crawford R.Harvey M.Allan B.Ratten

1998 team: T Lockett J.Dunstall M.Richardson R.Harvey N.Buckley D.Cresswell P.Salmon D.Kellaway

1997 team: J.Heatley S.Rocca T.Modra R.Harvey N.Burke C.Bradley P.Salmon T.Liberatore

1996 team: T.Lockett J.Dunstall M.Richardson R.Harvey N.Burke C.Lambert M.Clarke T.Liberatore

1995 team: T.Lockett G.Ablett S.Rocca A.Fletcher R.Harvey L.Pickering D.Pittman T.Liberatore

1994 team: T.Lockett J.Dunstall G.Ablett G.Williams R.Harvey C.McDermott S.Rehn T.Liberatore


12 - L.Franklin

7 – S.West R.Harvey 

6. T.Liberatore G.Ablett Jr

5. M.Lloyd B.Kirk D.Swan 

4. M.Richardson T.Lockett N.Buckley  A.Sandilands S.Mitchell  J.KEnnedy (wc) J.Riewoldt J.Macrae 

3. J.Dunstall F.Gehrig P.Bell  P.Everitt B.Fevola B.Hall   M.Boyd M.Crouch M.Gawn T.Mitchell J.Cameron T.Lynch  T.Walker  J.Witts

2. D.Bradshaw A.Lynch T.Modra S.Cummings S.Rocca G.Ablett Sr  N.Burke M.Allan P.Salmon J.Brown  A.Swallow  T.Cloke  J.Roughead  J.KEnnedy(syd) T.Goldstein T.Rockliff  D.Hannerbery S.Jacobs  T.Hawkins L.Neale Z.Merrett  J.Steele   C.Curnow